Ground Zero Victory Mosque

by Ted Baehr

[From a letter to the editor, Ventura County Star newspaper.—ed.]

Regarding your Aug. 16th, 2010 editorial derisively entitled “Muslim flap needlessly divisive,” the ground zero mosque in NYC is an act of conquest.

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy reminds us of the ongoing threat posed by Radical Islam. This threat won’t go away whether the mosque is built at Ground Zero or not. There is great historical significance for Muslims in their choice of building the mosque at that precise place.

Anyone who cares to take the time will readily discover 1,300 years of historical precedence. Islam always, without exception, builds mosques on the sites of its military victories. The most recent examples, and they are numerous, are in Kosovo, were hundreds of Orthodox Churches, many considered as architectural heritage sites dating from the middle ages, were razed to the ground and replaced with mosques. That Islamists are only trying to do what they’ve been doing for more than a millennia. This should come as a surprise to no one.

The question for America is how do we react to this provocation?

Islam is much older than America and its Constitution. Islam may pay lip service to the US Constitution, as it does to legal documents in other western countries, but only as a tactical maneuver to bide time as long as its population of believers is in a relatively small minority status within that given polity. When demographics favor it, as in the recent examples of enlarging minorities in Western Europe, most notably the UK, Islam will make demands for increasing autonomy and a separate Shari’a legal system for its own communities. In every single historical case, without exception, once these communities achieve majority status in any given polity, they will insist on the imposition of shari’a law on the entire country and all its people, regardless of whether they are Muslims or not.

This is precisely what happened in Kosovo in the nineties and what happened in Lebanon in the seventies and eighties. In both of these cases, the older pre-existing societies which had fallen into minority status were forced to acquiesce or were driven out of their homes and countries. The final stages of the take-over involved bloody repressions in both countries. Today, relatively small non-Muslim populations exist in Lebanon and Kosovo and certainly enjoy severely limited political freedoms. All are subservient to shari’a.

Some Americans think this cannot happen here. Perhaps they are right. There are approximately seven to eight million Muslims in America today, not counting the illegal population. Through both legal and illegal immigration and higher than average fertility rates this number is growing rapidly. Consider this: a quarter century ago there were fewer than one million Muslims in America. Ask yourself this question: As this population has grown, has America become safer or less safe? Has there been less or more civil strife in America? Have there been less or more acrimonious controversies in America? Have there been less or more terrorist attacks in America?

Terrorists are the most extreme manifestations of Radical Islam. They may be few in number, but are spawned from the larger Islamist population and cannot exist without a network of support within it. The Islamic community, its mosques and cultural centers, provide the safe haven which nurtures, sustains and protects these jihadists. We have seen numerous cases of so-called homegrown terrorists from New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Texas and elsewhere.

Some of these jihadists committed crimes before they were apprehended; some were caught in advance as their plots were foiled. The plain fact is that none of these terrorists could have planned and plotted and enacted their terrorist acts without being able to blend into the larger Islamic community. Who in that community, even the most moderate, peace-loving Muslim, would dare to speak out or stand up against them? It’s obvious that such an act would constitute a death sentence.

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy is forcing the American people to take a good, hard look at the harsh reality of the presence of millions of Muslims adhering to a political-religious ideology which is in its very nature antithetical to the fundamental values of liberty and justice as practiced in America and western societies. This isn’t just about whether a mosque should be built on this or that site. It’s about the survival of America we know it.

The only sensible response to these endless provocations, violent or otherwise, is to restrict immigration into the USA.

 It’s time for a time-out on illegal immigration. To continue the present course is to court disaster.


Ted Baehr
1151 Avenida Acaso
Camarillo, CA 93012

Used by permission of Dr. Ted Baehr, ©2010

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