Evangelize Muslims

bill-fallingThe Radical Islamic Terrorist attack that killed fourteen people in San Bernardino, CA presents the Christian Church in America a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to evangelize the so-called “Moderate” Muslim in America. We are NOT a nation of DIVERSITY; We are a nation of ONE. E pluribus unum still means, out of many, ONE. American Muslims either came here to flee persecution at the hands of tyrants, or migrated here legally to have a better life than the one they had under Islamic cultures in other countries. With the rise of the worldwide Jihad (holy war), and the worldwide attack on everyone, of any belief system who will not join the jihad, it is time for American Muslims to seized the opportunity to abandon this religion of massacre, barbarism, perversion (70 virgins for self-sacrifice), and the mutilation of women, just as they abandoned their former Muslim homeland, and join the civilized world. It is time for the Christian Church in America to evangelize America Muslims. It is time we declared our own “Holy War” and engaged in genuine spiritual warfare, not the “prayer meeting” warfare, but the “Mars Hill” warfare. It is time for American Christians to get off the defense, and go on the offense, and thoroughly saturate the land with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The First Amendment to our Constitution was written to prohibit any state imposed Christian denomination, not to prohibit Christians from evangelizing everyone in the culture. Our focus should be on evangelizing the individual Muslims living here now. America’s greatest problem is not climate control or gun ownership. It is our moral and spiritual decline.

What an opportunity for the church to experience real REVIVAL. It is time for the CHURCH TO BECOME RELEVANT again. Why should anyone ever attend another Christian Church in America again if the Church will not get involved in the war that is raging within our nation, set upon destroying our Christian Civilization? This war is not limited to ISIS, and the jihad, but includes the war against Christianity that is waged by NBC, Harvard Law School, Hollywood, and the atheistic public education system in America. We have a mission to the world. That mission is to take liberty, faith, and freedom to all of mankind. That is why we exist as a country.

Our president is just TOO IGNORANT to lead this nation any longer. He should resign immediately, and admit that he cannot protect Americans from Radical Islamic Terrorists. We need a STRONG president, and a STRONG commander-in-chief. We also need STRONG men of moral courage in every high office in the land. ISIS can be eliminated in a matter of weeks, but the LIE of Islam will take longer. It will be eliminated, however, and both Isaac and Ishmael will embrace JESUS CHRIST as the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Welcome to Jesus, American Muslims. This is going to be the greatest Christmas of your entire life if you embrace the God who loved the WHOLE WORLD as your Lord and Saviour. I want to be the one who invited you.

Billy Falling is pastor and headmaster, The Internet Church, International, P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912. He is Pastor Emeritus of Faith Center of Escondido, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and the author of My Cherokee Roots: Out of the Dog Creek Hills.

© 2015. Used by Permission

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