Do Not Take the Covid Vaccine

I have a word of caution for you and all the children and staff [of sponsored ministries]. Do not take the Covid vaccine. It is very dangerous and will kill (actually is killing) many people—most of them perfectly healthy before they took the vaccine. Covid infections and deaths have been dramatically exaggerated (overstated) by governments and their controlled media who want more power (control) over their people. Most people who test positive (over 95%) never get sick. Most people who do get sick (over 95%) get well. Very old people (already in poor health) are the main ones who get really sick with Covid or die. Children almost never get sick with Covid.

Covid is a manmade virus, made in the Wuhan Biological Warfare Laboratory in Wuhan China and intentionally released. The World Health Organization (WHO) and certain powerful people and groups in America cooperated in the development of the Virus. The evil purpose behind this virus (and others that will be released) is people control all over the world and global population reduction which will be accomplished via poisoned vaccines. 

The vaccines that are being administered around the world have a gene modifier inserted in them that will sterilize the person vaccinated. That means they will never have children. The World Health Organization experimented with this three or four years ago when they vaccinated 700,000 girls and young women in Kenya with a tetanus vaccine. Five Kenyan doctors became suspicious that something was wrong with the vaccine, got samples of it and sent them to five laboratories around the world. All of them proved and confirmed that WHO had put sterilization drugs into the vaccines. WHO sterilized 700,000 young Kenyan women who will never have children. Great evil! 

In the country where I live, 9500 people are reported to have died of Covid over the past year—out of 110 million people (a very tiny .000086 fatality rate). More people died in that year in that country from flu, Dengue Fever, AIDs, TB, suicide, and starvation (caused by the lockdown) than from Covid 19. In America, most deaths (no matter what the cause) are labeled as Covid. The hospital then gets paid $17,000 by the government and the government overstates the seriousness of the virus and expands its controls (lockdowns). Last year, a friend of mine (an eighty-year-old retired pastor) had five strokes, pneumonia and went to the hospital and died. They labeled it as a Covid death—which was a lie. A few days later, a young man was in a motorbike accident, was taken to the same hospital and pronounced dead. They labeled the death as Covid-19 (a lie) and received $17,000 from the government. This has happened all across the US. If someone tests positive (and dogs, cats, mango trees, and most people with a cold will test positive, the government says they across are sick with Covid, but most do not have Covid or ever get sick. The governments then call this positive test “a case” and make everyone believe that person was really sick—which in the great majority of “cases,” they were not

This whole pandemic is actually an evil plot by very evil people to control people all over the world and to bring about a huge global population reduction. All of this is part of an evil plot to bring about a one world government. The Globalists behind this whole fake plandemic are on record that they want to see an 80-90% global population reduction. (That is over seven billion people). They will do this with manmade viruses and their vaccines—which they will try to force on everyone. This has all happened in one year but was planned by globalists like Bill Gates, WHO and others over the past five to ten years. 

I have written a lot about all this over the past year, but this is a summary of what is happening. Wear the masks if you must outdoors but understand that they interfere with healthy breathing. But don’t wear them indoors. A natural immune booster which staff and children can/should use every day is garlic. It can be cut up into very tiny pieces and soaked in honey. Vitamin C taken every day is also a very good immune booster, but if you can’t get that, the garlic is very good. My wife and I often take a teaspoon of garlic every morning and evening—always with food. 

Most of what is happening worldwide is out of our control. We need to be wise, listen to God, seek His wisdom, guidance, and protection, and stay very close to Him. But if you possibly can, avoid taking any Covid vaccines. You are all in our constant prayers. Keep looking up. Don

This editorial originated from a limited circular email by Don McAlvany author of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, newsletter. Get the full newsletter The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor,  

© 2021 Used by Permission

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