Dear Mr. President

President Donald Trump 
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500 

Dear Mr. President,

Today we mourn the needless loss of the lives of seventeen high school students in Florida.  I join you in my prayers for their families.

So much of these tragedies could be avoided if you will take the lead to return America and our public school system back to a God- centered nation and a God -centered public educational system.  This accomplishment, above all else, would surpass all the other goals and accomplishments of your administration.  You would be worthy of the highest honors and greatest legacy of any president in our post-Civil War History.

I am aware of the many opponents within to these Spiritual Goals.  Decades ago, a group of people set out to remove God from our public square. Now it is time for another group of people (WE THE PEOPLE) to return our God to the public square, and to the public schools of America.  We know that this is the will of God for our country.  Please accept this challenge to lead us toward this goal.

Mr. President, I pray for you every day, for the safety of yourself and your family from those who would do you harm.  I also pray that you be given the moral courage and wisdom as our Federal Head to return our country to the Exceptionalism of its Heritage and our mission from God to take faith and freedom to the entire world.


Billy Falling
Pastor and Headmaster, The Internet Church, International

This article is from a circular news release email addressed to Jerry Nordskog, February 15, 2018.

© 2018 Used by Permission

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One Response to Dear Mr. President

  1. Insectman February 22, 2018 at 3:21 pm #

    Brother Billy:

    I appreciate your heatflt letter. However, I disagree on part of it.

    With respect to you, I must point out that as a retired public school teacher I know–for sure–that public schools cannot be reformed. We must RESCUE our children! Get them into home or Christian schools before it is too late. Please see

    In Christ,

    Karl Priest

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