Confronting Heresy

Guest essay by Billy Falling

“The Church is called to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus, not to confront the culture.” This is the very popular stand of a very famous Christian Minister of my era (I’m 77). Yet it is one of the greatest heresies of the day. Why can’t we do both? During the tenure of my generation of Christian Ministers in America, with this prevailing perversion of the Great Commission, we have experienced the greatest moral and spiritual decline in the history of our nation. The time is well overdue to abandon this false doctrine within the Church in America. In addition to evangelism, God calls us to be salt and light. We are to make disciples of nations. That is why America even exists today. We are the leader of the world in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, with faith and freedom as our foundation, and our mission to the world.

To substitute spiritual warfare (II Cor. 10: 4, 5) with shadow boxing, stabbing at demons, or prayer without action by faith is equally devastating. We need new wine for new wineskins. Please do not corrupt any of my friends or family with the very idea of an isolated Church, hiding out within our multi-million dollar buildings, waiting for the Lord to come and rescue us from a failed mission. That will only result in further decay within the Church, and more corruption within our government. Today’s rock-and rolling, light show, sneakers-wearing leaders are a poor substitute for the outpoured Holy Spirit on hungry hearts, who want all they can get and become all they can be from God. These latter are the world changers in a sea of religion, but a desert of spiritual life. They cannot and will not contain themselves. They will confront the culture in all of its hoax science, moral relativism, and socialist ideas of government. Millions of the unborn of my generation of lame, compromised preachers cry out for justice for the life they never could live due to an isolated, retreated church.

Our Founders, beginning with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, founded this nation on the Word of God. We inherited a Christian consensus, which prevailed for over three-hundred years. Even a kindergarten Bible Student can easily find the United States in the Bible, if someone tells them where to look. As a Native American, I can easily point to exactly where the Bible identifies and describes America.

As much as I appreciate many Biblical ministers of the day with their limited revelation, I still maintain that there is much yet to discover in God’s Word and the Great Commission, which the Holy Spirit yearns to reveal to hungry hearts. Watch for the leadership for revival to rise up. God bless the USA.

Billy Falling is pastor and headmaster of The Internet Church, International, P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912. He is Pastor Emeritus of Faith Center of Escondido, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and the author of My Cherokee Roots: Out of the Dog Creek Hills.

This article is from an email addressed to Jerry Nordskog, March 6, 2017.

© 2017 Used by Permission

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