Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Tommy Moorman, Carole Adams

Tommy Moorman, Carole Adams

At their 2018 Board of Directors meeting, dear friends of Nordskog Publishing the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Thomas Slick Moorman’s service as director.

FACE has served our Savior since the early-1960s as the premier propagator of the America’s providential legacy of Christian liberty to a languishing country. They publish books documenting America’s Christian history and Biblical worldview citing original source documents. They further contribute to filling the great need for the restoration of Biblical thinking through imaginative literature—the handmaiden of history.

Left to Right:
Back Row: Max Lyons, Teaching Services; Tricia Stall, Director; Carey Dudkovsky, Executive Vice- President; Carole Adams, President; Janet Mosser, Director Emeritus; Martha Shirley, Director; John Adams, CFO.
Front Row: Tommy Moorman, Christi Moorman (Missing: Gai Ferdon, Director)

Finally, FACE contributes to filling the great need for Biblical literacy, particularly through publishing Noah Webster’s opus the American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828. The 1828 represents the essence of Biblical thinking and scholarship, applied to every subject, for Christ’s glory and the furthering of His kingdom.

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