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Young Black Men in Crisis

Guest essay by Star Parker Since the 1960s, both black marriage and black male identity have been deeply wounded by the assault of liberals and big government on black life. Why does it surprise anyone when chaos reigns in America’s inner cities when it just reflects the chaos now reigning in our whole country? I […]

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Using the IRS to Suppress Free Speech

Guest essay by Star Parker After the Citizens United decision, the president himself weighed in, expressing his outrage about the decision, indicating his intent to “develop a forceful response to this decision.” The latest round of the IRS scandal, in which Tea Party and conservative groups have been selectively targeted for harassment by our tax […]

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Free our Kids from Governmental Immorality

by Star Parker We have created a world where it’s illegal to teach youth traditional values in school but not illegal to teach them competing values of nihilism, materialism and relativism. President Barack Obama now commands center stage following his formal announcement that, yes, he supports same sex marriage. But for perspective on how we […]

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