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Reclaiming Christmas

Guest essay by Terry Paulson John Gibson, in “The War on Christmas,” writes, “In the United States of America, a nation overwhelmingly Christian, literally any sign of Christmas in public can now lead to complaints, litigation, angry protests, threats, and bruised feelings. … Secular liberals say they’re just protecting the constitutional rights of non-Christians who […]

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Why Vote Trump?

Guest essay by Terry Paulson I’m tired of being asked, “How can you support Trump after all the things he has said?  How can you as a Christian support such a man?” It’s ironic how many “vile names” Trump has been called for calling others similar “vile names!” I’m reminded of the quotation of Oscar […]

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Can America’s Moral Compass Be Restored?

Guest essay by Terry Paulson The Conejo Jewish Academy invited Dennis Prager to speak on the topic, “In Search of America’s Moral Compass.” Prager pointed to the overwhelming evidence that American’s moral compass has been broken. He confessed that he was pessimistic about the future of America. Prager admitted that America can be turned around, […]

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Defending Freedom of Speech over Political Correctness

by Terry Paulson The First Amendment to our Constitution states clearly, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech….” Our Founding Fathers embedded this enduring principle in America’s Constitution, but this critical freedom is hard to sustain in our politically correct age. For this important freedom isn’t really free; the […]

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Honoring America’s Founding Principles

by Terry Paulson Must America’s founding principles be changed to meet the challenges of our age? Are we defined by a place and a people or by the shared principles we embrace and preserve? In his farewell address, George Washington warned, “Toward the preservation of your government…it is requisite…that you resist with care the spirit […]

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Give Me Individual Liberty Not Government Dependence

by Terry Paulson Dennis Prager has recently added a pearl of wisdom to his repertoire of truths— “The larger the government, the smaller the individual.” The biggest danger from President Obama’s march to bigger government rests in what this means to the grounding principles that have made America great. Will America renew its commitment to […]

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Leaving the Tab for the Kids

By Terry Paulson It took nearly 150 years for Congress to pass a resolution apologizing for slavery. We should apologize now to future generations for what we’ve done and are doing to America. Though our generation’s motivation was compassionate, we’re leaving America worse. They called the World War II generation “The Greatest Generation.” They survived […]

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Time to Pack Up and Leave Our Chief

By Terry Paulson Obama’s an articulate bull roaming the china shop President Barack Obama is no horse whisperer wooing America into embracing change. An articulate bull has been unleashed in America’s china shop. His sweet talk and promises of bipartisanship have given way to a radical liberal bent on transforming America into a socialistic nightmare […]

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Paulson: What would we do if Ayn Rand’s novel were real? Galt wants Atlas to strike

By Terry Paulson President Barack Obama’s rapid race into socialism is creating an escalating tax revolt. With a never-ending stream of stimulus packages and new entitlement programs, the Americans who will be stuck with the bill are shouting a clear message: “Enough!” Many organizations are calling for a Tax Day Tea Party ( on April […]

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