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Time to Make Candidates Face the Real Issues Threatening American Freedom

Guest Essay by Tom DeWeese The election campaigns are in full swing. Yet, have you heard a single candidate for President, or even for a lower office, mention the destruction of property rights or representative government to be a problem worth their time to address? Our nation is being destroyed from within and candidates aren’t even […]

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How Global Policy Becomes Local

Guest essay by Tom DeWeese I first issued the following article in 2005. Since that time, planning groups like the American Planning Association and other Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are involved in implementing sustainable development across the nation, vigorously deny that their programs have anything to do with the United Nations or Agenda 21. And […]

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A Constitutional Question: Some Thoughts on the Article V Issue

Guest essay by Tom DeWeese I’ve written many articles in the past concerning my opposition to a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). I’ve also helped in successful fights in Ohio and Kansas to stop Con Con Resolutions. But recently there is a new twist in the effort to amend the Constitution to preserve freedom. It’s called […]

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The Alamo: Hallowed American Ground or UN Captive?

Guest Essay by Tom DeWeese In 1836, 150 courageous and dedicated men died defending the Alamo. They fought in opposition to the rise of authoritarian big government as Mexico abandoned its Republic. The men of the Alamo were essentially betrayed and sacrificed by their own Texas government because of indecision and bickering by its political […]

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