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My Country, ‘tis of Thee

Guest essay by Christian Law Association This patriotic hymn was written by Samuel Francis Smith, a native Bostonian, born on October 21, 1808. After attending Boston Latin School, he enrolled in Harvard, then attended Andover Seminary. While there, Samuel became fascinated by the work of Adoniram Judson, known as America’s first missionary, and he developed a lifelong passion for reaching the world. It was during his first year at seminary that a hymn publisher, Lowell Mason,.....
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Memorial Day

On the last Monday of each May, our nation observes a holiday that many now call Memorial Day. Originally given the name “Decoration Day” for the tradition of beautifying the graves of our fallen soldiers, this day commemorates the lives and sacrifices of those who fought and gave the greatest sacrifice they could so that we could live today in freedom. The Bible reminds us that Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. This love of country—th.....
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Christmas—God’s Gift of Salvation

The Real Majority It is generally recognized that 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas.  For one wondrous season, the overwhelming majority of people in the most powerful nation on earth pause to recognize God’s most precious gift to the world—His only Son, a baby sent to earth and born to die for our sins.  Granted, not all Americans celebrate Christmas for the same reason.  As families gather and gifts are opened, some are unaware that this holiday celebrates the First Gift .....
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