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What Do “Green Jobs” Produce?

Guest essay by E. Calvin Beisner Cornwall Alliance advisory board member H. Sterling Burnett published a good piece in the Washington Times recently that rebuts claims about “Green jobs” in two ways. Burnett points out that in response to President Donald Trump’s saying one reason to withdraw from the Paris climate accord was that staying in would drive energy […]

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Back to Basics: What the Greens Get Wrong, and How to Set Them Straight

Guest essay by Calvin Beisner The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency justifies its new climate regulations on the claim that the “social cost of carbon” is $40 per ton—i.e., that every ton of carbon dioxide does about $40 worth of harm to the world through the next 286 years. That’s right, 286 years—to A.D. 2300. Imagine […]

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