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Ground Zero Victory Mosque

by Ted Baehr [From a letter to the editor, Ventura County Star newspaper.—ed.] Regarding your Aug. 16th, 2010 editorial derisively entitled “Muslim flap needlessly divisive,” the ground zero mosque in NYC is an act of conquest. The Ground Zero Mosque controversy reminds us of the ongoing threat posed by Radical Islam. This threat won’t go […]

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A Tale of Two Countries

by Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher More than sixty years ago in Argentina, my wife’s father, Dr. Rudolfo Milani, had a flourishing medical practice and a prestigious position in the Argentine medical community. Juan Peron, who had studied and served under Mussolini, had been implementing national socialism along the Mussolini model for several years in Argentina. […]

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Oscar®’s Cultural Pigsty: The Academy Awards Rejects Popular, Virtuous, Family Friendly Movies Again!

Once again the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has ignored the most popular movies of the year in favor of R-rated box office wimps their nominees for Best Picture. Only THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON slipped in under the bar with a PG-13 rating. Accordingly, it’s made more money than all the […]

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The Illegal Attack on the Family

Congratulations to California, Arizona and Florida in passing protection of marriage amendments in the recent general election!–Ed. by Dr. Ted Baehr Don’t buy the lie! Time is running out! Intentionally or not, too many in the press, the mass media, the government, and the education establishment have confused the citizens of America about the institution […]

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