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Education Today: Restoring A Christian Republic

Primary Sources of American History document beyond contradiction, that these United States were established as a Christian Republic by Colonial State Constitutions and by our United States Constitution. By removing these primary sources of our true history from America’s classrooms, recent generations have been taught, yes, EDUCATED to question our historic, orthodox, evangelical Christian roots. […]

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by Barbara RoseAmerican Christian History Institute Mr. Rose and I have a burden for home schooling parents in this day and age. It is easy just to drop out of our public schools for negative reasons, but the perseverance and character it takes to home school requires more than negative reasons. Homeschooling is answering God’s […]

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Clingman, Eugene: Concerning the Education of Christian Children: Government Schools are Succeeding! But are We?

It was the time of “Ozie and Harriet,” and “Father Knows Best,” of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Andy Griffith.” Things were pleasant in America. We were living on the cultural capital of the Christian society inherited from generations past. America had the outward appearance of Christianity, but not the reality. Since then the outer […]

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