Call to Arms: A response to the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Health Care Act

By Billy Falling

Call to arms, Christians in America:  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts just sold the Constitution down the river.  By siding with the liberals, who have a very warped view of our founding document, he has betrayed his own oath, just as have the liberals, to uphold it.  The Health Care Act has been upheld due to his vote in a 5-4 decision.  We must vote Obama out, along with all those who agree with him in our fight to preserve what is left of our freedoms.  This battle is not for those who are willing to compromise our liberties, the indifferent, the fearful, or the “space cadets” who do not live in “Realville,” but for those who are armed, or willing to arm themselves with the armor to take on real enemies to  liberty, freedom, and our faith.  In other times and by other means, Christian Americans have worn the uniform, defended the flag, and preserved our Constitution.  Millions of them gave their lives in doing so.  We only have to engage the enemies within by our votes, our dollars, our witness, and our activities that tear down the strong holds of wrong opinions, wrong decisions, wrong legislation, and wrong policies.  Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court will awaken again the sleeping giant and prove to be a positive force, a motivator, an inspiration, and a tool of recruitment in our perpetual struggle to preserve this great nation, the greatest nation in the history of the world.  If you agree with me, you are my friend, If you do not, you are not my enemy, but you are my opponent.  Thank God for a country where we can disagree, voice our disagreements, and still live together peaceably.  May the best opinions and values prevail.  Go Tea Party, and God bless the USA.  Up with our Constitution.

p.s. Today the U.S. Supreme Court created a tax.  That is not within their jurisdiction.

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