Build the Wall to Overturn Roe v. Wade

I am headed for Washington DC to be in the March for life, and to speak at a small men’s gathering. I beg your prayers. 

In part I will explain why building the wall is a critical need if we are going to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Here is is in a nutshell… 

Why We Need the Border Wall to End Child KillingThe Threat of Amnesty

The political struggle for the funding of the wall—and building one—as well as dealing with illegal immigration is directly connected to whether or not we even end child killing. Here’s how…

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrat Party are vile purveyors of child-killing by abortion. They are committed to continuing this holocaust at all costs. 

They also understand the political impact of building – or not building – the wall, and its direct connection to Roe vs. Wade, Homosexual marriage, and a slew of other evils. Here’s how it works…

No Wall—President Trump Loses Re-election. If President Trump fails to build the wall, Pelosi and company believe that President Trump’s political base will be disappointed…disillusioned… even enraged. If Trump fails to build the wall, he stands a very good chance of being defeated in 2020.

Then, Amnesty for Illegals. If a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, amnesty for some 12 or 13 million illegal immigrants will happen quickly. They’ll become citizens. They will vote democrat…

Pew Poll: Amnesty Equals More Democrat Voters. The vast majority will become registered Democrats. Pew Research did a poll proving that these potential Hispanic voters will become democrats by a four to one margin. I repeat – a four-to-one margin.

Democrats know what Amnesty Means. They know the polling data. They know that if they can get the White House back, and they can engineer amnesty, they will have power like they have not had it in decades. They know the polling data. They are drooling to make that data a reality.

Democrats will win and hold the White House—for the rest of our lives. When these illegal aliens vote Democrat—which most will—Texas will be lost as a Republican state; Arizona will be lost as a Republican state; Florida, already hanging by a thread – will be lost. Other states will be lost…

A ProLife Republican will not Win the White House for Decades. The electoral map is clear—for a Republican to Win the White House, they must have Texas and Florida. 

Every Supreme Court Appointment will be pro-abortion. The Democrats have an iron clad commitment to vetting Federal Judges. They must support child-killing. So, any chance of overturning Roe will be gone…for decades. Babies will continue to be slaughtered, with no end in sight. 

What will God’s judgment be like? God hears the cry of blood. Jefferson said, “I tremble for my country when I remember that God is just, and His justice cannot sleep forever.” We know His judgment against slavery was the Civil War. What will it be because of child-killing? 

We must do what we can – and take the heat. We can help win this battle, but we must be willing to be called “Racists,” “Xenophobes,” “Cruel,” “Uncaring,” etc. 

I will be leading protests supporting the wall and President Trump—for the sake of the babies. I beg your prayers—and support. I am preparing at least two demonstrations in our area to try and get some media coverage, and focus on the blood shedding agenda of the democrats. (If you are interested in holding a protest in your area, contact me, and I’ll help you put one together!)

For now, I am off to DC to share this message.

The Voice of Resistance published the original of this article as a circular email on January 15, 2019.

Randall Terry is the well-known Christian activist, founder of Operation Rescue, and author. He hosts the web-based TV show Randall Terry: Voice of Resistance, airing on The Walk TV and streamed from his website Voice of Resistance. Mr. Terry holds a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and a Concentration in International Terrorism, and 25 years’ experience as a TV and radio host.

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