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What Do “Green Jobs” Produce?

Guest essay by E. Calvin Beisner Cornwall Alliance advisory board member H. Sterling Burnett published a good piece in the Washington Times recently that rebuts claims about “Green jobs” in two ways. Burnett points out that in response to President Donald Trump’s saying one reason to withdraw from the Paris climate accord was that staying in would drive energy […]

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France’s Reign of Terror

Guest essay by Bill Federer France’s King Louis XVI sent his navy and troops to help America gain independence from Britain, for which France gained very little in return, except enormous debt. On the verge of financial collapse, France experienced a famine in 1788. The people blamed the King. Anti-monarchists referred to Queen Marie Antoinette […]

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The Declaration of Independence—July 4, 1776

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames The Christian Idea of Man and Government in America’s History Early in our country’s history, the mother country caused great distress among her children. American colonists opposed the English government’s Declaratory Acts, Stamp Act, and other measures. Counted among the opponents were the Whigs, Patriots, and the Sons of Liberty. […]

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