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Voting: A Divine Mandate

This fall Americans are facing the most momentous election of our lifetimes. It is a battle for the very existence of our Constitutional republic. For three centuries in the New World, American believers were the primary leaders of our free and prosperous institutions. They provided the biblically based laws and the love and charity that […]

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An Unredacted History of America’s Birth

Guest essay by Marshal Foster The true story of America’s founding has been artfully removed from the individual and corporate memory of the American people. Virtually all communication in America today is filtered through an elite group of isolated tech giants, a cadre of ideologically radical educators and a huge national government bureaucracy. Former far […]

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The Forbidden Book Unchained

Guest essay by Marshall Foster It was the greatest catastrophe in recorded history. The Black Death, the bubonic plague, ravaged Asia, then descended upon Europe and swept into England in 1348.The deadly bacteria were carried by flea-infested rats on ships from the East. The plague killed up to 50 million people—roughly 60% of the entire […]

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Our Moment in History

Guest essay by Marshall Foster In moments of imminent danger facing our nation, American believers, with faith in Almighty God, have been the light and hope of our republic. Thankfully, our American Founders were not like the atheist leaders of the French Revolution who drowned the Christian leaders of France by the thousands in the […]

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