Actually Make America Great Again

Guest essay by Gunner Steele

Today we celebrate Father’s Day—a day worth celebrating for sure. Particularly in our day and in our lifetime when Fatherhood is at an all-time low.

You see, the only real way to Make America Great Again is to restore fatherhood in American families. I often write about the value and the power and the need for traditional American families and how that families are the foundation for societal peace and greatness.

But what is the foundation of the family? It is the Father. And while mothers are definitely important, valuable, and essential to having a good family, it is the Father who is the cornerstone. He is the foundation. He is the leader. At least he should be.

But for decades, since the birth of the feminist movement, men have been berated, belittled, impugned, mocked, and bullied into an inferior role in the family. To the point where traditional fatherhood has essentially been abolished in America.

And I’m here to tell you something you need to know…virtually every ill from society comes from a lack of fatherhood.

And when I say fatherhood, I mean fatherhood. I don’t mean a sperm donor. Obviously, every person has someone who would biologically be considered their “dad.” But how many American children today had someone who filled the role of “father” in their life?

The Dictionary says that a father is “a man who gives care and protection to someone or something.” How about that? That means any woman or child who has no man to give care and protection for them is fatherless.

And a child without a father, historically, was called a bastard. And in former times, to be called a bastard was the greatest shame of all. Because it either meant that you were born illegitimate from an illicit affair (out of wedlock), or you had no father “to give you care and protection.” Ultimately using this word to describe somebody became a great insult. And to this day, people still use this word to insult one another. You know why? Because there is nothing more destructive in the life of a child than to be fatherless.

Take a look at our prison population today. You know what its filled with? Bastards. Men without fathers.

You want to solve the problem of laziness and a poor work ethic? Fathers do that. You want to know why women turn to prostitution? They are fatherless.

Theft, violence, malice, destruction of personal property, sexual impurity/promiscuity, sloth, disrespect, and all of society’s great ills are all solved with one man—the FATHER.

And that is why the feminist movement and the left have worked desperately, intentionally, and effectively for decades to destroy the role of the father in America. That is what the feminist movement is all about. It is not about making women “equal” with men. It is about destroying fatherhood. It is not about giving women “access,” it is about emasculating men. It is not about empowering women, it is about weakening men. It is not about strengthening femininity, it is about belittling masculinity.

And that is how it must be, because if you want to destroy a home and steal its goods, you have to first bind the “strong man” (Mark 3:27, ed.). And the Father is the “strong man” in society. He is the protector. He is the provider. If you want to destroy American society, and freedom in general, you have to destroy the father. And that is what the feminist movement is all about.

So think about it this today as we celebrate fathers. Think about how we can and what we should do to celebrate Fatherhood. Think about this:

  1. Supporting Hollywood’s caricature of men as lazy, unfaithful idiots and morons, or as violent and irresponsible is destructive to fatherhood.
  2. Supporting gay marriage is a direct attack on fatherhood.
  3. Insisting boys and men act soft and nice and friendly at all times is an assault on masculinity and fatherhood. Real men aren’t soft. And real fathers aren’t soft either.

I think you get the picture. But the bottom line is this—if we want to Make America Great Again, we need to put the Father back in Fatherhood in America. Simple as that. Because historically, that is what made America great—we had great families and great churches led by great men who were great fathers.

I’m yours in Freedom
Gunner Steele

P.S. I always found it humorous that “feminist” women are so masculine. There is nothing feminine about feminism at all.

Gunner Steele hosts a blog Freedom Man.

© 2016 Used by Permission

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  1. Karl July 3, 2018 at 8:24 pm #

    “There is nothing feminine about feminism at all.” AMEN!

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