A Nation Under Siege: The Explosion of Evil in America Part I. The Globalist Strategy: A Seven Step Plan from Plandemic to Totalitarianism

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” — Joseph Stalin

“If the stealing of the 2020 election is not exposed and overturned, we will never see another free election in America.” — Lt General Thomas C. McInerney (USAF Ret.)

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it along to our children in the blood stream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on to them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.“ — Ronald Reagan

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your descendants may live” — Deuteronomy 30:19b


The greatest explosion of evil in America’s 244-year history is now upon us — and indeed, is spreading all around the world. As MIA has repeatedly written, the Covid19 fake pandemic is a strategy of the globalist elite to grab total political, economic, and financial control all over the US and the world and advance their evil plans for a one world socialist (communist) government. The globalists and their communist puppets now completely control the Democrat Party, the entire US media (including Fox News), the American educational system, the Internet and social media via the leftist/globalist controlled Big Tech companies, at least a dozen major cities and states under Democrat/leftist control — like California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York, Washington DC and several more. 

The November 3 US election, though won by Donald Trump, was blatantly stolen by Democrats creating millions of mail-in ballots (votes) out of thin air. It was the greatest most treasonous and blatant theft of an election in US or modern history and was completely backed by the leftist/globalist-controlled US media — who declared Biden the election winner and President-Elect on November 7. The Democrats, the media, and the leftists all across the country are celebrating what they want everyone to believe is a great (and real) victory. But it is not! The creation of millions (maybe tens of millions) of mail-in-ballots in the recent election, one of the big reasons the globalists created the fake COVID Plandemic in the first place, was warned about many months ago by Trump and his Administration. It was a gigantic license (mechanism) for the political left to steal the election. 

Now (at this writing) Trump and his legal team are initiating legal action, recounts and serious investigations of theft and vote fabrication of millions of votes (including rigged voting machines) in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and more. The perpetrators of the fraud/theft should be jailed for treason. Witnesses to the theft in Post Offices and polling stations are now coming forward to report what they observed or were forced by superiors to do. So, despite the declaration of victory by Biden/Harris, the Democrat Party and the entire US media, the battle for investigating the creation of millions of illegal votes, for recounts, and legal cases that will ultimately go to the US Supreme Court — that battle has just begun. It will be ignored, played down, or portrayed as a dictatorial power grab by Trump by the evil US media and their communist counterparts across the nation. 

Can truth, justice, and fairness win in this life and death battle against evil — for the soul of our nation? We don’t know. But we hope and pray so! It depends on how much the good people of America will rise and fight back. It depends on how hard and effectively Trump and his legal team fight back? It depends on if the Trump team can prove the theft of the election, and on how the US Supreme Court will rule in the cases that will reach its docket over the next 60 days. If Trump does prevail in the courts, there will be huge riots breaking out all across America. 

This writer strongly believes that the final outcome depends on the fervent prayers of millions of Americans who see, understand, and hate the exploding evil that is now taking over our nation and who desperately need the intervention of the God of the Bible. The future of a free America (indeed, of Western civilization) hangs by a thread — if America falls to the communists and globalists, we will not see freedom again in our nation in our lifetimes and the communist revolution will spread rapidly around the world. 

A. The Leftist/Communist Takeover of America Is Almost Complete 

“Modern society is hypnotized by socialism. It is prevented by socialism from seeing the mortal danger it is in. And one of the greatest dangers of all is that you have lost all sense of danger. You cannot even see where it is coming from as it moves swiftly toward you.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not realized the evil that has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — J Edgar Hoover

How did America wander so far away from the morality, freedom, liberty, from our Constitution, and the principles that made us a great nation (a shining city on a hill) and into the great evil which is drowning our nation today? Russian dissident and freedom fighter Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said after 25 years of exile in America that we were “a nation that had forgotten God.”

It didn’t happen overnight — it took over 60 years for the communists, globalists, and the political left to take us down — to the place where they virtually control America today. Antonio Gramsci (founder of the Italian Communist Party) convinced Lenin and Stalin that to conquer America, the communists had to first undermine and destroy America’s morality, its culture, its spiritual life, and patriotism — and then we would be so weakened that we would fall like a ripe plumb into their hands. This would not happen overnight — they knew it would take time and patient gradualism. It took 60 years from 1960 to 2020 (till now). 

In the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, brilliant communist strategist Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Satan (Lucifer) and who was a personal mentor to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, helped make the Gramsci takedown strategy for America practical. When this writer was at the University of Texas in the early 1960s, the communists were just beginning to gain a foothold in America’s universities. Over the past 60 years, communist domination of American universities has now become a total fait accompli. (Just observe the lack of free speech, racial anti-white propaganda, the non-stop push for homosexuality and transgenderism, the advocacy of total socialism, and total insanity of US universities and their professors today). With the help of powerful globalists, the communists and political left have taken over virtually 100% control of the US media — as this recent election season has confirmed for anyone with eyes to see. (Fox News is now under their control — and Yahoo News is one of the worst — along with CNN, CNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post).

The political left now dominates Hollywood, the courts, many city and state governments across America (those controlled by Democrats), the intelligence agencies such as CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., and of course has 100% control of the Democrat Party. If they prevail in the recent election, America will crash and burn in a communist revolution which will rival what happened in Russia in 1917 or the Nazi dictatorship in Germany in the 1930s — a revolution from which a free America may never reemerge. And sadly, they have captured the hearts and minds of at least half of the American adult population (70-80 million people). As George Washington warned us: “An uninformed populace is easily enslaved” 

Driving all of this are powerful super — wealthy global/socialists such as the Rockefeller and Rothchild family dynasties, the Bush family, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Bill Gates, and several hundred more wealthy elite — including the heads of the Big Tech companies who control the Internet and social media, and the heads of Big Pharma. They in turn control (own) the prominent political figures such as the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Bidens, the Newsoms, Mitt Romney, and many more on a local, state, and federal level — who are well compensated for their evil services. A global socialist (communist) world government is their goal and a 90% global population reduction. That is what the Covid19 Plandemic, and future viruses to be released as well as mandatory vaccines for everyone are all about. 

If America falls to this communist/globalist revolution (as it will if the Democrats [aka communists] prevail in the recent election) the manmade global plandemic and lockdown will accelerate dramatically and the light of freedom will start going out all over the world. 

B. The Anatomy of the Election Theft

“If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again.” —  Sen Lindsay Graham (R-NC)

The greatest election theft in US or world history has been perpetrated on America by criminals in the Democrat Party — stealing votes, computer software vote changing or deleting, or creating millions of phony votes via fake mail-in-ballots (i.e., 5-10 million fraudulent votes — maybe even more). This was one of the major reasons behind the Covid19 plandemic and lockdown — to justify over 75 million mail-in ballots and to be a cover for massive vote fraud. If this stolen election stands (as announced by the Democrat leadership and the entire controlled US media), DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA IS DEAD AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FREE NATIONAL ELECTION IN AMERICA — NEVER! And, the communists will completely take over the US government. Some blatant examples of how the Democrats stole the election follow:

1. MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT MAIL-IN BALLOT VOTE DUMPS BY DEMOCRATS — In Pennsylvania, 682,479 mail-in ballots (which arrived Philadelphia in the middle of the night on November 4) were created/falsified — all for Biden. In Wayne County (Detroit) Michigan, 138,339 ballots showed up in the middle of the night (November 4) in vehicles with out of state license plates — all for Biden. But, 60 Republican poll observers were illegally blocked by Democrat officials from examining those ballots. Wisconsin saw over 50,000 middle-of-the-night ballot dumps on November 4 — all for Biden. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 ballots were returned BEFORE the send date. Over 51,000 mail in ballots were returned the day after they were allegedly sent out — which is impossible since it takes several days up to two weeks to send out a ballot by mail and have it mailed back in. Hundreds of thousands of late (invalid) ballots are being counted. 

In the middle of the night of Nov 4, at precisely the same time, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada — all stopped counting their votes. (All five states have Democrat governors). Then in a few hours, carloads of millions of fake mail-in ballots were delivered at polling stations in those states (around 4:00 AM) and across America — and are being treated by Democrat officials as valid. They were virtually all in favor of Biden and swung (stole) the election from Trump to Biden. In Wisconsin, close to 140,000 ballots were found. In Michigan, close to 200,000, in Pennsylvania close to 1 million votes were found — all of them in all three states for Biden. Before this middle of the night vote dump, Trump was ahead by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania. By mid-morning on Nov 4, he was behind. Republican poll watchers (in Philadelphia) were illegally blocked from entering the buildings to inspect the fake ballots that were being counted by Democrat officials — the windows in the building were even covered. This has also happened to Republican election officials in Detroit and across the country.

2. Voting Machines Were Rigged to Increase the Biden Votes and Delete Trump Votes

A rigged software program voting system to steal US elections and (alter several foreign elections in recent years) was used in 47 counties across Michigan and 30 (or more) states to steal the election. Votes were switched from Trump to Biden or Trump votes were simply deleted. At least 512,095 votes were switched from Trump to Biden, and 2,865,767 votes for Trump were deleted. In the swing state of Pennsylvania, 220,883 votes were altered in favor of Biden. 

These switches (which are provable) are innocuously called “software glitches” but were intentionally built into the system (with the help, it is believed, of the CIA) and the Canadian based voting machine software company — Dominion Voting Systems. This company has close connections with Cuba, Venezuela, and China and apparently connections with the Pelosi’s, Feinstein’s, and Clinton’s. The computer software vote theft operation (for rigging the voting machines) which was used in all the swing states (North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) was operated by the CIA (which is completely controlled by the globalist Deep State). A lot of the vote processing was actually outsourced to Spain and other countries.

[ed. note: Without the voting machine fraud, Trump would have won the Electoral College vote with an estimated 307 votes. But, with the fraud, Biden/Harris claim to have won (at this writing) with about 306 electoral votes versus 232 for Trump. If you question the “Biden-won-the-election narrative” as the biggest election fraud in history (which it was), you are called by the Democrats and the entire leftist media a “liar”, a “conspiracy theorist”, a “white racist”, a “dangerous right wing fascist”, “anti-democracy,” etc. and you are likely to be banned from the Internet and social media]. 

3. A Record Number of Dead People Voted in the Election — Virtually All for Biden

Hundreds of thousands of dead people voted in this election — all for Biden. Rand Paul points out that the government in recent months gave out 1.1 million stimulus payments to dead people — and questions “how many of those voted for Biden.” In Wisconsin, 53,000 very dead people (yes, that can be proved) voted. All of them got mail-in ballots and all of them returned their vote ballots. 39,751 of the dead voters voted by absentee (mail-in) ballots while 13,640 of the dead voters came to a polling place and cast their ballots. Not bad for dead people! And guess what — they all voted for Biden! In Pennsylvania, there are over 21,000 dead people on the active voter rolls. In Michigan, more than 14,000 dead people returned mail-in ballots (mostly in Detroit). And yes, all this can be proven! 

 [ED NOTE: The Democrat election officials across the nation, involved in this great vote fraud/election theft, should all go to prison for a long, long time — but don’t hold your breath].

4. Other Election Fraud 

The majority of the ballots in Detroit were from ineligible voters (according to former Michigan Attorney General Zachary Larson). In Nevada, 9000 ballots were illegally cast by people who don’t even live in the state and thousands more by dead people. There were also a lot of votes in a number of states where Democrats went through the streets — to homeless street people, to old folks’ homes, immigrants, etc. and filled out ballots for anyone they could find — sometimes paying them a few dollars for their signature. Illegals and children have also had thousands of votes cast in their names. According to Judicial Watch, 353 counties in 29 states have voter registration exceeding (over 100%) of the legal voting population of that county. Eight states (Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont) have 1.8 million more people on their voting rolls than eligible voters. 

C. What We Can Expect if Biden and His Communist VP Take Office on January 20

“In the future it will be as impossible for the average person to rebel against us as it is for sheep to rebel against their farmer.” — Henry Kissinger

“Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work. I am going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We will put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.” — George Soros (Interview with German Bild, September 2014)

The Biden/Harris/Democrat vision for our nation is a clear-cut rejection of everything America has ever stood for — including Biblical principles honoring God, revering faith, freedom, and family. They portray America as systemically bad, requiring fundamental transformation and revolution to purge rampant racism, social injustice, exploitation, past slavery, and white supremacy. As Harris has said: “It’s time for a radical leftist, progressive vision promoting destruction of the old America, paving the way for a utopian socialist society.” (Remember, over 70 million Americans have voted for these people and their policies).

Kamala Harris will become the acting or actual President within a few months of the inauguration, since Biden has had two brain surgeries and has growing dementia. Harris is the most left wing of all US Senators (even far to the left of Bern i.e., Sanders). She is a self-admitted communist. She has advocated violent retaliation or even incarceration of Trump supporters. She will stamp out all middle-class wealth, all political liberties, and establish an atmosphere of total compliance. If Biden/Harris come to power, what can we expect in coming months regarding a New World Order under Biden/Harris: 

1. Dramatic Increase in Covid19 Lockdowns, Travel Restrictions, Mandatory Vaccinations, and Physical Proof of Same — Such as Bill Gates’s Micro-Dot Tattoos

The globalists are creating (or falsely claiming) 2nd and 3rd waves of COVID to extend and increase their growing people control. Prepare for a LONG lockdown if Biden wins — as in indefinitely! The economy will take a major hit as a result. 22 states are already locking down again at this writing. You may be wearing facemasks for years, or for the rest of your life. Forget family gatherings at Thanksgiving or Christmas — or in churches. Biden is NOW demanding a total mask mandate for every state and total global COVID vaccinations. He will be closely allied with Bill Gates and Big Pharma in this respect. The Biden team is now saying no food stamps or admission to grocery stores without vaccinations.

2. Christian Persecution Will Explode: Rejection of Biblical Principles Honoring God, Faith, Family and Traditional Values…

Pressure on churches to stay closed, and persecution of Christians for their traditional, pro-family, anti-gay/lesbian/transgender Biblical beliefs. (Remember, communists and globalists hate Biblical Christians). Expect growing restrictions on Christian activities and free speech. In some states, (like California) while bars, night clubs, exercise clubs, restaurants and shopping centers are open, church gatherings are prohibited — even Christian singing is said to spread the virus. If the Democrats (aka Communists) take control of the American government in this election, this will be the beginning of great persecution of Christians in America — an evil transformation of America with Christian faith and morals in the crosshairs. And it will be even worse if or when Kamala Harris becomes president.

3. A Sharp Increase in Abortion Rights and Infanticide…

Taxpayer funded abortions, more late-term and after birth abortions; more funding for Planned Parenthood, support for legal infanticide; an increase in the baby parts trade will all increase dramatically. (Yes, the Democrats are on record for advocating a dramatic increase in abortions). Biden has been a strong advocate of increasing abortions for 47 years.

4. Add 5 or 6 Liberal Judges to The Supreme Court…

So they can control the legal agenda in America for decades (probably indefinitely).

5. Make Puerto Rico and Washington DC States… 

So they can add four more US Senators and control the Senate indefinitely. 

6. Increased Facebook, Twitter, Google and Big Media Censorship of All Conservative, Christian Content or Opinion…  

Labeling it as “hate speech”, “racist”, “homophobic,” or “fake news.” They are now even censoring Trump’s tweets and other communications. (How far has this gone when they can even censor the President of the US’ communications?) Increased censorship of all content skeptical of the fake COVID plandemic, lockdowns, or danger from the forced vaccinations. We are labeled as “anti-vaxxers” or “pandemic deniers.”

7. Democrats Will Homo-sexualize America — Pledged to Sign the “Equality Act” on Day One…

Which disregards male/female biology; levels fines for discrimination and “violation of civil rights” if churches, schools or businesses fail to uphold gay/lesbian/transgender “rights” (LGBTQ); punishes churches for not having transgender bathrooms and personnel policies (or for refusing to marry gay/lesbian couples); and penalizes schools or teachers who do not aggressively teach (advocate) the LGBTQ lifestyle and agenda, gender identification, transgender sexual orientation, the new anti-sexist vocabulary, etc. The Democrats will make “transgender rights” the number one civil rights issue of our time. Children as young as eight can choose hormonal sex change treatments without parental consent. Yes, reread that!

8. Biden Will Dramatically Increase Income Taxes on Businesses, Individuals, Estates, Capital Gains and Charities, and Reduce Charitable Deductions 

All Trump tax decreases will be rescinded. Increased taxes will include a wealth tax, a death tax, a Social Security tax, increased capital gains tax, and will be used to underwrite massive wealth redistribution programs: free universal health care, free college tuition, child care and full medical care for 12-15 million undocumented (illegal) immigrants and their families. 

9. The Democrats Have Pledged to Shut Down the Entire Us Oil Industry by 2035…  

And switch all power to solar or wind generated.

10. The Democrats Are Pledged to Full Financial Support for Black Lives Matter… 

The communist revolutionary group — to “dismantle systemic racism” and end police funding. More lawlessness, anarchy and mob violence are guaranteed as BLM leaders declare “we will fight, we are in a war.”

11. The Democrats Are Pledged to Open Borders, Creating a Tsunami of Illegal Immigration…

Absolute amnesty, no border wall, and full entitlements (including comprehensive medical care) for every undocumented worker and their family.

12. The Democrats Are Pledged to Legalization and Availability of Recreational Marijuana Across the Entire Nation…

and release of all “non-violent” drug offenders (dealers) from all US jails and prisons. Oregon Democrats have now legalized the use of cocaine, heroin, and other hardcore street drugs.

13. Freedom of Speech Will Be Completely Destroyed

Already it is being removed from the Internet, social media, and the mainline media; from universities and public schools; from the business community; and more and more from churches — who are now being restricted from speaking out for conservative, traditional, pro-life, Biblical values or against homosexuality or transgenderism. Alternate news sources (like this one) will be shut down and their publishers, editors, or writers either silenced or imprisoned. Everything conservatives or Christians say will be labeled as “hate speech, “fear mongering”, “fake news”, or “white racist speech.”

14. Home Schooling Will Be Outlawed

It is giving millions of children the freedom to avoid the brainwashing, dumbing down, and gay/lesbian/transgender indoctrination that is now the reality in all public schools in America. It is seen as a major threat to the global/socialists and political left. It will be labeled as “racist” “homophobic”, or the “teaching of hate.” 

15. Firearms Ownership Will Be Outlawed…

after a false flag attack staged by the government or political left, which will be blamed on “right wing, conservative, white racist, pandemic-denying gunowners.” This has already happened in Australia and New Zealand and was done by the leftist Democrats in 1995 in the Oklahoma City false flag bombing — which helped Bill Clinton to get re-elected in 1996. It will probably be of the magnitude of the Las Vegas shooting a few years ago — or even larger, using automatic or semi-automatic rifles. Kamala Harris said during the Democrat primaries that “when” she becomes President that she will quickly use Executive Orders to implement strict gun control across America. [ED NOTE: Harris will become President within 90 days of a Biden/Harris inauguration].

16. On January 20, if Biden Is Inaugurated, He Will Reverse Many or Most of Trumps Executive Orders with His Own Executive Orders

He will put America back into WHO and the Paris Climate Accords; he will repeal the Trump ban on immigration from many Muslim countries; he will dramatically increase Corona virus restrictions; and demand mandatory COVID vaccinations. And he (or Harris) will accelerate the baby killing (abortion and infanticide) that Trump has fought hard against. 

17. This Is Going Global if the Democrats (Communists) Prevail in this Election

Already, countries all over the world are tilting to the far political left or moving into and accepting the communist/globalist narrative — think Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, France, and much of the European Union. If America moves sharply toward the political left (socialism, communism, the New World Order, global people control, etc.), as it will under Biden/Harris and the Democrats, this reality or trend will spread quickly all around the world. 

D. A Nation Seriously Divided Between Good and Great Evil 

America is split almost down the middle–with about 70-75 million of the voting public voting for Biden/Harris and the global/socialist/communists in the recent election. These are Americans for socialism, government people control, a free lunch, a hedonist lifestyle that excludes God, Jesus, the Bible, traditional values, and the Constitutional freedoms that made us (in the past) the greatest nation in history. This half of the US adult population has been almost totally dumbed down over the past 60 years by the leftist controlled media, entertainment industry, educational system, and over the past 12-14 years by social media. The truth is that this half of the population cannot think their way out of a paper bag and is dumb as a rock as to understanding what is really happening in America, understanding freedom and liberty, seeing the rapidly rising evil (until it’s too late), and lifting a finger to fight back against that evil. This half of the American people are ready to become serfs in the emerging socialist/communist system.

The other half of the voting American people — also 70-75 million people — voted for Trump and by and large are opposed to socialism/communism/globalism, and still support traditional American values, Biblical principles, the Constitution, and freedom. This second half won the recent election but have had it stolen from them by the pro-communist Democrats and their globalist/media allies. America now faces the greatest crisis in its 244-year history and if the outcome is Biden/Harris and the Democrats (communists) taking over the country, America will crash and burn — much as happened in Russia in 1917 and in Germany in the 1930s. Such a revolution is breaking out now in America and if the freedom loving people of America do not rise up and fight back now (in November and December of 2020) the communists and globalists will take complete control of America and as Nikita Khrushchev warned us: “We will bury you.”

This is a giant spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil — between the forces of God and Satan. We need millions of Americans praying like never before — for the Lord’s deliverance of our nation from this great globalist/communist evil; to help take back this stolen election; to expose the great evil that the Democrats (communists) and globalists are foisting upon America; and to help Donald Trump and his legal team prevail in the legal battles that are emerging. The Trump team needs hardcore, irrefutable proof and evidence of the great election theft; many witnesses who will testify to the theft, favor in the courts (including the Supreme Court) as they present their case regarding the evil theft of this election; and support from millions of patriotic Americans who still love this country, and will fight back for freedom. 

The entire leftist media, the globalists, the communists and God/Christian-hating politicians on the far left, many liberal/leftist judges in the legal system, and about half of America are arrayed against Trump and for the forces of evil. If the good people of America, with the help of the God of the Bible, don’t rise up and fight back NOW, we will lose our freedom in short order, and for those of us who are conservative, lovers of freedom, and Bible believing Christians — great persecution and oppression will be our future reality — and not that far in our future. If we lose this election to the communists, millions of Americans will d i.e., and the light of freedom will begin to go out — not just in this country, but all around the world. 

E. Legal, Political, and Spiritual Actions We Should Be Taking to Fight Back

First of all, don’t be deceived, frightened, or immobilized by the Democrats’, globalists’ and leftist media’s claims of victory. Don’t give up — the battle is far from over and still very winnable. Giving up — throwing in the towel — is exactly what the political left and globalists want us to do. In actuality, the evil election theft was so obvious, so in our face, so evil that a strong legal case can be made that the election was illegally stolen and should be reversed. But, if that happens, we should be prepared for the battle of our lives. 

If Trump wins in the courts, the communists, the political left, their controlled media, and the evil Satanic forces behind them will try to blow up and burn down America in a giant revolution which will rival the communist revolution in Russia in 1917. There will be Americans on both sides who will die. We must be prepared for that. In that event, Trump will fight back with the US military, but we must be prepared to defend our homes, families, and towns against a violent communist revolution. We need to be prepared to pray like never before and to fight to defend our families, nation, and freedom. 

Freedom in America hangs by a thread and will be determined — will either sink or swim — by what happens legally, politically, and spiritually over the next 6-8 weeks. We should hopefully know the final outcome of the battle by Christmas:

  1. On November 13, Trump announced his team had hardcore proof that the election machine and software company Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide and switched 221,000 Pennsylvania Trump votes to Biden. This fact (if or when proven) can switch the election to Trump. 
  2. At this writing, Trump has a hardcore legal team (headed by pit bull attorneys Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood and more) and is launching legal action in several of the swing states. Of course, there is great pushback for Biden/Harris from the Democrat officials and judges in those states.
  3. The reality of foreign interference in the election (which was/is strictly prohibited by a Trump 2018 Executive Order and by the US Constitution) is now surfacing. The manipulative voting machine software company — Dominion Voting Systems — is located in Canada and many of the software “glitches” (i.e., vote changes) were executed from Spain and other foreign jurisdictions. This is now under intense investigation.
  4. A number of cases are being filed at this writing — or will shortly be filed by the Trump team with the US Supreme Court. Will they rule against the Democrat fraud and vote theft in the various swing states? We don’t know at this point, but can hope and pray so. One scenario argues that the final election will be decided in the US Congress — with one vote cast by each state and where Republicans state legislatures have a majority. At this point we don’t know how it will all turn out. 

What Can You/We Do to Fight Back Against This Great Evil

  1. Pray non-stop harder than you have ever prayed and encourage friends and family to do so. Pray for America, and Trump, and against the exploding evil. 
  2. Write to the Supreme Court and strongly encourage them to support and vote for truth and justice and against this evil election theft.
  3. Write to your Congressmen and Senators (Republican) urging them to speak out and actively fight back for Trump, for America and against the election theft.
  4. Send or forward to friends, relatives, and anyone of influence this newsletter, and any other reports you see that tell the truth. Remember, the mainline media will block/censor/distort any truth coming out about the election — so we should do an end-run and forward (multiply) true info to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of our contacts. 
  5. Write to Pres. Trump and express your support. 
  6. Push back against the CV19 Part II lockdown.
  7. Support any Pro-Trump demonstrations which you can.

What to Do on a Personal Level 

If the communists win this battle (or especially if they lose) there will be an explosion of communist led violence across America. 

  1. Avoid major cities and Democrat controlled cities and states as much as possible — opting for small towns or rural areas. 
  2. Keep as much cash as possible on hand — financial chaos (including the banks) is coming. 
  3. Gold and silver (physical/personally held or held abroad) will be your safest financial option (safe haven). 
  4. Firearms and ammunition for home/family self-defense will be important in the coming period of leftist inspired violence and civil unrest. 
  5. An up-to-date passport for each member of the family is good (or for the more paranoid, even a second passport from another country). 
  6. Stored food or a way to grow food is important in a period of financial and political violence and upheaval. 
  7. Develop a close circle of likeminded friends (conservative and Christian if possible) who understand the times and what is happening. (That may not include all family members). 
  8. If at all possible, avoid taking a COVID 19 vaccine — which will kill many, many more people than the fake pandemic ever did. 
  9. Pray harder than ever for America, for Trump, that the communists will be stopped and their evil exposed. 

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This essay is an excerpt from an early edition of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, circular newsletter. See the full December 2020 edition here. Subscribe to the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, MIA@McAlvany.com 

© 2020 Used by Permission

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  1. Janice Toles December 8, 2020 at 12:29 am #

    This has been a great read, and I understand and agree. I am 74 years old, and I do not believe I will live long enough to see this country turned around. I am a born again Christian, and the hope that I have is going home to heaven. However, I am a fighter for what is right. I do not sit around waiting for The LORD to take me home.

  2. peter chen December 10, 2020 at 9:37 am #

    Although I am not in America, I may pay more attention to America than some Americans because America is my spiritual sustenance. When I was lucky enough to read this heavy article, I felt even more uneasy. I kept praying for the United States and encouraged the Americans I knew to support President Trump’s actions.
    I prayed for God to intervene.

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