Poem by Alan Allison

Sparkling little gems
in the sunlight of His love,
Reflecting rainbow colors
in the image of our God.

I haven’t held you in my arms;
I look forward to that day.
I hope to see you laugh and smile,
to hear you talk and pray.

In this world is good and evil;
it shouldn’t have been this way.
Life for us can be quite short;
many years for you I pray.

Lives like yours some mothers kill
for “freedom” and the “right to choose.”
We even killed God’s only Son-
insulted, beaten, pierced and bruised.

Will you see your moms and dads
and enjoy their love and care,
Or will you live a few weeks only,
ripped and torn from your homes in there?

16 million lives snuffed out
no greater tragedy can we know,
But to enter hell’s dark fire
without God’s peace forevermore.

Mothers, fathers, doctors, judges,
turn today from your great sin.
Turn to Jesus, He’ll forgive you,
and wipe away your guilt and shame.

If you don’t, wrath will consume you.
Into the lake of fire you’ll plunge,
Crying to your tortured babies
to bring water to cool your tongues.

Alan Allison, 1983
This was written the day of the author’s wife’s 3rd miscarriage.

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