The Destructive Slide of America into Darkness

Guest essay by Ed Martin

Years ago I wrote about the angelic forces of God turning their protection from the United States. When the angelic forces leave, the gap is filled with all types of demonic forces.

The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places.

The crown jewel of the devil and his dominion is the blood of the unborn children. The more unborn children that die on the demonic altar of convenience, the greater the devil feels his power. This blood flow empowers the demonic forces in other attacks of the devil.

The most fulfilling excitement the devil feels is when Christian women go into the death camp to have their child sacrificed. His greatest power comes not only when Christian unborn children die, but also when Christian children are seduced into homosexual acts, into sexual promiscuity of both sexes and into pornography.

From the beginning in the garden, the devil demands purity to give way to his demands. Adam and Eve were both pure in God’s sight until the devil seduced Eve with visions of power and knowledge and then Eve seduced Adam.

Throughout biblical times, the devil has demanded the blood of the innocent. Pagan religions always demanded innocent blood to be shed to appease the demonic gods of the devil. And one by one these ancient countries were destroyed and their lands captured.

There Will Be No Lasting Revival until the Bloodshed Stops:
America Will Continue to Slide Down the Spiritual Abyss

God during the time of Jeremiah spoke these words through Jeremiah the prophet. Hear the words of the Lord Kings of Judah, and people of Jerusalem. This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel says, Listen!! I am going to bring a disaster on this place that will make the ears of everyone who hears it tingle. They have forsaken me and made this place of foreign gods. They burned incense to gods that neither their fathers nor the kings of Judah ever knew and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocents. They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I did not command or mention or did it enter my mind (Jeremiah 19: 3-6).

This is where America and the American Christian Church are right now. We have made America a place of foreign gods. We have accepted every evil imaginable in order to appease the gods of convenience, prosperity, religions of foreign gods, and we have sacrificed our sons and daughters to these gods.

Christians Have Abandoned the Unborn Children

There was a great excitement when the first 40 Days for Life began. Christians would spend hours standing at abortion mills around the clock. At first it was for 40 days in a year, and then many cities began the 40 Days for Life cycles twice a year once in the Lenten season and then one in the fall. Now in cities like Atlanta there will be only one 40 days for life a year. When I go on the official website of the 40 Days for Life, I see smaller numbers every cycle. Jacksonville and Ocala in Florida are two cities where the excitement is still high. In Jacksonville we began a 313 Days for Life and now many people are getting this vision. In Jacksonville they are killing children 313 days a year so Christians are there every day they kill children at every abortion mill at the times they are doing them. The pro-lifers in Ocala, Florida are there every day they do abortions and because of that they are only doing them once a week. Rev. Flip Benham in Charlotte reports that 500 babies have been saved this year and Marilyn Carrol reports hundreds have been saved in Connecticut.

The devil hates it when we are there. He knows when Christians are willing to sacrifice their time to save babies lives, his time and power are short.

Christians Have Abandoned the Streets of America

About twenty-five years ago, each major American city and many small cities had a Jesus March. Churches would gather together and march through the downtown of the city proclaiming Jesus is Lord! over their city. Then through the bickering of the pastors these marches ended.

Today, GTLB (gay, transsexual, lesbian, bisexual) have large marches in most cities in America. Their marches consist of lewd, perverted acts all under the approval of the local government. Featured in these marches are groups like Dykes on Bikes and groups like Man-boy Love Association and other groups that push pedophile and sex with children.

Christians Have Abandoned our Schools

All three persons of the God-Head have been kicked out of our schools without a fight from the church and have been replaced by the homosexual agenda, the Muslim agenda, the atheistic agenda and by new age beliefs. When God was removed from the schools, it was replaced by condoms, sex education, guns and knives in schools. In all grade groups from elementary to universities sex crimes are reported. Rape in our schools is at an all-time high.

The Church Has Abandoned Its Christian Values

Christian ministries and businesses are being forced to pay for abortions and birth control through their health insurance. Christian businesses are forced to cater to the homosexual crowd in making cakes or photographing homosexual weddings.

In the News

The Atlanta Constitution reported on December 17 in an article named, “Heart Broken” that the Pakistan Taliban stormed a school where 145 were massacred, 132 were school children taking their final exams. Nine Taliban gunmen killed these little boys and girls in an eight hour rampage. Most of the world condemned this terror strike as a supreme evil and vowed to stop this type of senseless killing. On the same day in Yemen, 26 people died in two car bombs by two crazed bombers. 16 were primary school children.

In Atlanta, a young man is awaiting trial for baking his two year old boy to death in his car after an 8 hour ordeal where the heat in the car reached over 100 degrees. This young man is facing the death sentence. We also read in the news where a mother drove her car into a body of water to kill her 5 children. Another mother is on trial for killing her three children by leaving them alone in her house while she went to work. People in Atlanta are outraged by the total disregard for human life as well they should be.

What You Will Never See on TV or in the Newspaper

The Atlanta News Journal Constitution will never report on the senseless killing of 100 little boys and girls every day by abortion. There is no outcry by the citizens of Atlanta, our government officials do not pledge to investigate these killings.

There is no outcry from the area churches. The fact is you will never hear a word from the pulpit about these beautiful little boys and girls that are slaughtered every day. The response from the black churches is practically non-existent. My spiritual brother Charles who is my partner at the death camp, goes to speak out against child killing because he knows that more than 68% of the abortions are performed on beautiful black children.

Even in the pro-life movement very few people care about child killing that goes on every day. The press doesn’t report on the pro-life movement because we do not recognize child killing for what it really is—the slaughter of a human being just like the poor children in Pakistan.

How the Church Sees the Abortion Wars

In an article by J. Lee Grady in the December 2014 Charisma Magazine, the author is writing about the church’s response to the gay agenda. Toward the end he gives the church’s assessment of abortion.

“When abortion was sanctioned in 1973, Bible-believing Christians continued to teach that killing an unborn child is sinful. Today we show compassion to women who aborted their babies, to the men who push their girlfriends to abort and to the doctors who perform abortions. We offer forgiveness and we even adopt unwanted babies, but our love doesn’t compromise our beliefs.”

If this is the church’s sole response to abortion, we will never stop child sacrifice. Since 1990, the pro-life and the church’s view of abortion has changed. Prior to 1990, the pro-life movement and the church’s viewed abortion as the murder of an unborn child. Then we found out that the word murder was not Christ-Like. Working on what the new theology taught us we began to rotate from the child to the poor women who have had an abortion. As the article said we are showing compassion to everyone including the abortionist.

The only Person Who Is Not Receiving our Love and Compassion Is the Unborn Child

We have forgotten that abortion kills an unborn child. No other person involved in abortion dies that day. No other person involved in the abortion process has his body parts torn to pieces, its head cut off and crushed, has his body thrown into a trash can. Everyone else goes home that afternoon, has dinner and goes to bed to face another day.

My question to the church is simple. If we are so full of the love of Jesus and we have compassion on all involved, why don’t we have compassion on the real victim: the unborn child?

Is showing and telling the women going in to the clinic what abortion really is mean spirited or is it true love? Most Christians would say we are mean spirited and do not show the true love of Christ. I guess doing nothing to save the child is showing the true love of Jesus.

Alan King, a famous comedian of the 1960’s, turned his two sons into the police for selling and using drugs. Alan and his wife tried everything possible to help their sons. Finally in desperation and an act of true, but tough love, he had them arrested. Many times tough love is the only type of love that works.

Our Lord commands us to feed the hungry, give drink to those that are thirsty. That doesn’t mean to pray for them in your churches. It means to physically feed them. Give them drink. Visit them in jail.

Pastor Ed Martin has long been a leader in the pro-life movement in Florida, ardently campaigning to protect the unborn. This article was originally published by Pastor Martin in a circular e-newsletter.

©2015 Used by permission

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