Stanley K. Monteith, MD, 1929-2014

Richard Tennesen

Guest essay by Richard Tennesen

“When you get to Santa Cruz, be sure to look up Dr. Stanley Monteith,” said a Republican friend of mine as we were preparing to move from Southern California to attend Bible College in 1972. By that time, “Dr. Stan” was already a well-recognized leader of the conservatives along the central coast.

Dr. Stan Monteith

He was a man who rose to the top of whatever he did, and drew respect from all who met him. Even from those on the opposite side of the political debate.

Dr. Stan entered the elected political arena once, in the 1988 Congressional election for our District. I had the honor of having him speak at the church we were pastoring in Santa Cruz at the time. Prior to this time, a Republican had a chance of winning a seat, but the political power of the University (of California at Santa Cruz) changed all that, at least until now. In 1988, Stan’s opponent was to be the man whose political career would then take on national proportions: Leon Panetta.

The election behind him, Dr. Monteith continued his orthopedic medical practice; his life as a devoted father, husband, and grandfather; a true servant of the Lord Jesus; and as a man with an ever-deepening desire to be a bearer of the truth he had come to know so well.

Dr. Stan led the Santa Cruz delegation to the meetings of the California Medical Association during those years, and became increasingly alarmed at the way the AIDS epidemic was being mishandled. This caused him to publish his book, “AIDS, the Unnecessary Epidemic,” in 1991. As history revealed in ensuing years, the epidemic continued to be handled as a political issue, rather than with what had hitherto been standard practices for medical emergencies. Dr. Stan Monteith increasingly saw this, and so many other issues, as part of much larger agendas, and his messages began to take on this expanded perception.

In those early ’90s, Dr. Stan and a group of other concerned Christian patriots founded the fm station KFER, and his radio career was off-and-running. “Radio Liberty” would be his flagship program, and he began also to be in great demand as a guest on talk shows, with his voice heard from coast to coast and border to border. His guests on Radio Liberty would constitute a “Who’s Who?” of men and women on the front lines of the spiritual and socio-economic battlefields of the nation and the world.

Radio Liberty started with KFER, then the am Christian station for the Central Coast, KKMC — from there Dr. Stan’s wisdom was carried in the multiplicity of ways technology has provided: short wave, streaming internet, and traditional am/fm radio. All the time his faithful wife Barbara and son David Culp were the necessary support to make all of it work effectively. Countless volunteers contributed to the success of Radio Liberty, as well.

Over the years, only God knows how many hundreds of thousands of people were touched by Dr. Stan’s uncanny knowledge, and ability to articulate the truth. He leaves behind an indelible legacy of writings, in monographs, monthly newsletters, and articles. His book “The Brotherhood of Darkness” stands as an indomitable record of the workings of the various behind-the-scenes powers that really control what’s going on in the world. The Radio Liberty website also lives on to provide access to information, archives, and other valuable resources:

Dr. Stanley Monteith went to his heavenly rewards on Sept. 29, 2014. Even with his copious writings, and thousands of hours of recorded CD sets, interviews, and radio programs, there is an inestimable gap in present and future access to his knowledge and understanding.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t wonder, “What would Dr. Stan say about this?”

Rev. Richard Tennesen is long time friend, associate, and fellow political activist of our publisher Jerry Nordskog. Dick also serves on the NPI Advisory Council. He served as pastor in five churches in Oregon and California including Redwood Christian Center in Felton, California, and is now retired. His ministry contributions have included Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, Pregnancy Resource Center, Healing Rooms of Monterey Bay, Evangelical Ministers Fellowship, and Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith. Dick lives in Capitola with his wife of 49 years, Mandy, and their adult daughter.

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