Record-breaking DROUGHT — CAUSE and CURE . . .

Strange weather we’ve been having as we have entered a dangerous record-breaking period of drought in California… It will impact everything from food production, to the economy, to water rationing, to recreational snow and water uses…

Some claim the drought is a result of “climate change,” but isn’t that idea just a distraction from the true cause and Biblical principles which we’re compelled to examine?

As Christians who value God’s Word as the final authority for every area of life, and now find ourselves in a record-setting drought in California, isn’t it important to carefully examine what God has to say about drought: its cause and its cure?

How bad is the drought (water levels at 20% of normal levels – and no rain in the forecast)?

  • Scientists “puzzled” by high pressure ridge off of California blocking winter storms (Hmmm)
  • USDA designated areas in 11 states, including 27 counties in California, as primary natural disaster areas due to the drought.
  • Gov. Jerry Brown declares “drought emergency” and calls for water rationing.

The CAUSE of Drought

Deuteronomy 11 makes it clear that drought often results from idolatry and disobedience to God’s Word. Verse 17 is particularly clear:

“…Lest the LORD’S anger be aroused against you, and He shut up the heavens so that there be no rain, and the land yield no produce, and you perish quickly from the good land which the LORD is giving you.”

Drought is seen again and again in Scripture as a way of God getting the attention of His wayward people…


Some relevant facts about “going’s-on” in California and America — WOW!

  • The 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade just passed on Jan. 22, and we have seen over 56 million innocent unborn lives snuffed out (beating hearts stopped) via abortion – about nine million of these took place California since 1973.
  • In 2012, an estimated “six million ‘evangelical’ churchgoers” helped vote-in the most anti-Biblical-values President in our nation’s history who actively supports abortion and homosexual marriage (and California led the way).
  • In 2012, California churchgoers helped elect a Democrat super-majority legislature (remember, the Democrat party officially kicked God out of its National Party Platform) that has passed the laws immediately below!
  • In 2012, Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 48 into law mandating the glorification of immorality, perversion, and homosexual “lifestyle” in California public school textbooks.
  • In 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the “co-ed bathroom bill” into law allowing students in K-12 public schools to use either bathroom, locker room, or shower of their choice.
  • California is the “pornography capital” of the world, and the San Fernando Valley “boasts” a multi-billion porn industry (dubbed with nicknames including “silicone valley”).
  • While all of this is going on, most churches and pastors “sit silently on their blessed assurance,” failing to lovingly stand for life on pro-life Sunday, failing to “specially recognize” God’s goodness on the National Day of Prayer, and refusing to help collect signatures to allow the decent people of California to overturn SB 48 and “the Co-ed bathroom law” (both great moral issues of our day). 

QUESTION presented

Reasoning Biblically, could the drought be an “attention getter” sent by God to urge the church to return to honoring Jesus, advancing the Gospel, and advancing His principles in-truth-and-love (Eph. 4:15) rather than passively allowing the spiritual, moral, and cultural “slide away from Biblical principles” that has been characteristic of California?

The church has, with some wonderfully refreshing exceptions, failed to “occupy,” be “salt and light,” “do business on His behalf till He returns” (Lk. 19:13), and stand for Jesus and His principles, whether or not it is easy or “popular.” 


The CURE for drought – some ACTION STEPS to consider right away

  1. Let’s pray, humble ourselves, turn from our wicked (forgetful, apathetic, selfish, lazy, “comfort zone,” cowardly) ways, seek His face, and with broken hearts cry out to God seeking His forgiveness for our hardness of heart (II Chr. 7:14), for He is rich in mercy and grace (Joel 2:12-17).
    We can begin by signing-up to co-lead prayer one hour a month in your city, as we’ve been doing in Sacramento since 2001 (please click here to sign up).  

    Please click here to see a three-minute video clip about reclaiming our nation for Jesus – it begins with fervent, united, consistent, local prayer.  Such prayer “turned Egypt around” for good in a very short period of time (one year).  This drought has been a multi-year phenomenon. 

  2. Let’s ask our pastors to give us a sermon about “The Biblical Significance of Drought” – what drought means Biblically, and what our response should be to seek an end to the drought.

CONCLUSION — Lord, break our hearts for the things that break Your heart…

Judgment begins with God’s house
(I Pet. 4:17).
We are responsible for the condition of our culture and society.  We have passively allowed it to decay in a spirit of man-pleasing, rather than God-fearing, and though God loves us unconditionally, He cannot be pleased with our forgetful, lukewarm, selfish, cowardly, wayward priorities and inaction.

Lord, please forgive us, and help us to repent, proclaim solemn assemblies, cry out to You, turn from our ways to Yours (II Chr. 7:14).  Help us to actively honor you, Lord Jesus, and advance your principles in every area whether or not it is comfortable or convenient.  (When mindful of danger, our nation’s Founding Fathers called for special National Days of Prayer and Fasting — shouldn’t we?)
Lord, please end the drought (and remove the “high pressure ridge” that’s causing it) AND please use this drought to get the church’s attention. 

— Praying and working together city-by-city to protect life, marriage, and America’s Biblical foundation (the source of our liberty),
Mark Matta
Preserve Liberty. com

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