Washington’s Prayers & Washington’s Last Will and Testament


The Winter at Valley Forge. The War of Independence. The First Presidency of the newly-formed United States. The man who participated in all of these—so revered by students of history and by Americans everywhere—was George Washington. Here in Washington’s Prayers, Washington shows us the secret of his greatness—his dedication to and dependence upon God.

Author W. Herbert Burk wrote at the turn of the last century, “So far as most Americans know, the Prayer at Valley Forge was the result of the direst need, and not the evidence of Washington’s constant practice, or of a deep-seated principle of worship. Without the due appreciation of his prayerful spirit I believe no one can really understand the man.” Christian Heritage Publishing brings this book back to the shelves of today’s readers. With a history of Washington’s Christian devotion, as well as photographs of his own handwritten prayers, followed by a transcript, Washington’s Prayers reveals the side of our first President often ignored by today’s history.

This special edition of Washington’s Prayers also includes The Last Will and Testament of George Washington. Last Will is the words of both George and Martha Washington with their original spellings as they wrote their final wishes. From George’s property holdings in several states to the treasured pewter and mourning rings of the eighteenth century described by Martha, history buffs, those who have enjoyed a trip to Mount Vernon, or anyone who wishes to learn more about the Washington’s everyday life can envision the items described by two of our most beloved American figures.

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