Universal History, Volume II—Middle History—The Law of Liberty, 50 B.C.–300 A.D.


Historical ideas have consequences.  The Universal History set distinguishes between two contrasting ideas.  Either there is a universe where there are many gods, conflicting, competing and warring interests, no divine interventions, and global chaos and military policing, or there is an ordered universe where there are one God, one overruling plan, one Savior, and one goal of history.

This multi-volume set is a comprehensive and compelling resource for the home, church, school, college and seminary. Authoritative references from classic works on Providential History, by historians of the 17th-20th Centuries. Includes the author’s observations and conclusions. The volumes are scholarly resource texts which respond to the political, social and ecclesiastical challenges confronting the American Christian in the modern age.

Jesus Christ changes the course of all history when He brings to the world individual liberty and establishes Christianity’s form of government—individual self-government.

The focal point of all history is the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The world has not been the same since the advent and ascension of Jesus Christ. The Christian era is witness to the power of Christ working mightily within the individual to effect the bringing down of imaginations and principalities which set themselves against God, to the supplanting of wickedness in high places. The clear manifestation of change – spiritual and political – wrought by the Gospel is the appearance of the ecclesia in the world. The self-government of the First Century local church was the foreshadowing of things to come concerning the governmental, Biblical relationship that Christianity was to establish between church polity and civil polity. Most importantly, the distinction in the contrast between self-government and voluntary union and its opposing idea, centralization through force were now drawn.

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