Makers of Mischief: A “Boomer’s” Adventures in Childhood


Makers of Mischief is a humorous, heartwarming, and emotionally engaging look back at childhood experienced by many baby boomers. The true stories delight in the mischievousness and imaginations of pre-teen brothers, and their neighborhood pals, girls included. Their (sometimes perilous) adventures entertain, uplift, and inspire. The book can be read and enjoyed by readers of all ages, including children.



The children always found ways to avoid the monsters under their beds. Lessons learned enabled them to grow up, overcome their poverty, and catch their dreams. They return to their boyhood locale five decades later and discover those young boys still live in their memories and in their hearts. Makers of Mischief also is a nostalgic look back at America during the decade of the 1950s. It was a more innocent life, in a simpler time.

Additionally included with each book is a set of four full-color detachable Dream Cards to assist the reader in catching their own dreams.

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