The Economic Liberty Book: God’s Plan for Prosperity


This is no dry, yawn-inducing collection of statistics and trends. The Economic Liberty Book rather declares God as the Lord of man’s enterprising and economic efforts. Learn how economic success and freedom depend on obedience to God’s moral commandments and principles, and how character counts.

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With combined decades of Biblical learning and application to real life, the authors of The Economic Liberty Book revive the once common, historic Biblical view that material well-being requires attention to God’s commands and moral principles.

Consider the importance of land and how God blesses or curses work from generation to generation. See how civil government’s meddling in the market place with regulation and taxation destroys prosperity and freedom to live for God. Learn the inspiring and strategic Biblical correction to the contemporary problem of an overwhelming, messianic, and all powerful state.

Ponder these topics by Chapter Title:

  1. Blessings and Cursings
  2. Why Prosperity is Generational
  3. Economic Liberty and Land
  4. Land Zoning
  5. When Government Takes the Land
  6. How Character Affects Wealth
  7. The Biblical Work Ethic
  8. Economic Liberty and Debt
  9. Conquering Economic Slowdown (on regulation)
  10.  The Need to Blunt the Environmental Protection Agency’s Powers

Author Bios

Don Schanzenbach has studied, spoken, and written on Christian culture for two decades. He expertly applies Biblical truth to modern questions of culture, government, politics, and family. Don encourages Christians to influence and build a righteous national culture.

His first Christian writing sought to create interesting Christ- and Christmas-centered letters that would bless their readers. This small beginning prompted many to say, “You should be a writer.” Don published two books—Advancing the Kingdom and Faithful Parents, Faithful Children—as well as many magazine articles, opinion essays, blog pieces, Facebook postings, and e-books, all stressing applied Christian culture.

Don holds an MA in applied Biblical studies and a doctorate in theology from New Geneva Seminary in Appomattox, Virginia, applied to political philosophy and government.

Don is excited to be involved in the Liberty series of books. His prayerful hope is that The Economic Liberty Book will inform your faith and encourage your heart. May this effort for King and kingdom advance the success of Christian civilization. Contact Don at [email protected].

John Bona firmly believes in the American free enterprise system. He calls on over thirty years’ experience as an owner of Park ‘N Go to shape his views and spread a message on the importance for Christians of religious, economic, and political liberty. In commerce, John developed property and started new businesses with his sons throughout America, creating at least five hundred new jobs. At home in Vero Beach, Florida, he founded one of America’s most dynamic and largest annual prayer breakfasts, and frequently teaches the Bible. John campaigned in the 2000, 2004, and 2016 presidential elections.

John is executive producer of documentary films entitled Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure and Unstoppable. Monumental, released nationwide in 2012, brought attention to America’s proven but forgotten strategy for liberty. He also produces and hosts a weekly radio broadcast called The Story of Liberty which currently reaches more than a million people over the Internet on podcast, YouTube, and social media.


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