Creation According to the Scriptures: A Presuppositional Defense


This defense of the traditional interpretation of the Genesis creation account includes articles by Kenneth Gentry, R. J. Rushdoony, Cornelius Van Til, and others. Important philosophical, historical, theological and exegetical presentations. Some articles positively establish the literal view while others rebut evolution, the Framework Hypothesis, and metaphorical days views.

Sample Chapter Titles:
“Reformed Theology and Six-Day Creation” (Gentry)
“Importance of Six-Day Creation” (R. J. Rushdoony)
“Evolutionary Faith” (Mark Rushdoony)
“War Against Genesis 1” (Mark Ludwig)
“Doctrine of Creation and Christian Apologetics” (C. Van Til)
“Critique of the Framework Hypothesis” (Frank Walker)
“Non-Literal Days in Genesis 1-2” (Dave Bush)
“Creation and Science” (John King)


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