Press Release: Christian Leaders Call for Unity against Progressive Agenda & Funding

Today more than seventy-five (75) of America’s foremost evangelical and Catholic leaders released a powerful letter urging Progressive “faith” groups to turn away from the liberal political funding of George Soros and his allies, and their agenda that weakens the poor, the Church and the nation. Co-signers include Dr. Alveda King, Dr. James Garlow, Mat Staver, George Barna, Miles McPherson, Lt. Gen. Wm. “Jerry” Boykin, Eric Metaxas and Bishop Harry R Jackson, Jr.

Kelly Kullberg, the group’s spokesperson, said, “Hopefully this Call to Repentance will awaken the Church and nation to the anti-Christian funding and agenda behind the Religious Left’s “faith” fronts. Our letter is the Church speaking truth to power. Our hope is to return to a true gospel witness grounded in the whole counsel of Scripture. Biblical wisdom, not Progressive policies enforced by big government, is the highest love for human beings.”

The letter, launching a new ad hoc group, may be found at the American Association of Evangelicals at

To schedule an interview or speak to Mrs. Kullberg, she can be contacted at (614) 284-1612 or [email protected]

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