Our Confession


Almighty God You are the Rock, all Your works are perfect and all Your ways are just. You are a faithful God who does no wrong. Yet we your people and this nation are covered with shame because of our unfaithfulness toward You. We have turned away from Your righteousness. Our ears have been closed to Your commands.,The land is divided, and the people are apart. We have resisted Your power and Your grace. We have not acknowledged Your name. Our ‘leaders and our fathers have not walked in Your ways. We are an object of scorn. Disaster has come upon us, our nation is broken and torn. We have sinned so seriously against You and against one another, that the foundations of our society crumble. Have mercy on us 0’ Lord, and forgive us: Restore us, and ‘revive your church again. Let justice flow like rivers, and righteousness like a never failing stream, Now Oh Lord, turn away Your anger from this land. Hear Oh God, hear our prayer, in mercy stretch out Your healing hand. Oh Lord listen, Oh Lord forgive, do not delay, remove our shame, for your city and Your people bear Your name. Now Lord, send your Holy Spirit. Drench this land with your awesome presence. Let grace and Mercy flood this land. Let mercy triumph over judgment,

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