Open Letter to Senator Cruz

nordskog_jerryDear Senator Cruz,

First, I commend you for the principles of Conservatism and Constitutionalism and Americanism you spoke of last evening at the Republican National Convention.

Second, as a (fellow) Christian, your Christianity might be carefully considered with regard to the following verses:

Re: your pledge to endorse and support the eventual GOP nominee for president (when all 17 candidates, including yourself, were posed the question at the onset of the campaign to nominate a Republican presidential candidate) in which you replied in the affirmative that you would commit to doing so, has been broken it appears.  “Let your yes be yes and no be no” (Matt. 5:37).

Re: your grudge against Mr. Trump for his uncalled for negative references to your wife and your dad, understandably desiring to protect your family’s credibility, I exhort you to be Christianly forgiving as Christ mandates we do even up to 70 x 7 daily.  We are to forgive our brothers and sisters in -Christ, even if it hurts or even if we do not think the one who has sinned against us has genuinely repented.  This, too, is Christ’s strong teaching. Consider:

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” (Matt. 6:14).

“And they stoned Stephen….Then he knelt down and cried out with a loud voice, ‘Lord, do not charge them with this sin’” (Acts 7:59-60).

Lastly, you have done harm to Mr. Trump in some of your late-campaign accusations and attacks on him too, which were extreme methinks.  I suggest you ask for forgiveness yourself for harmful over-the-top public demeaning remarks you made about Donald, as you forgive him for his outlandish statements that offended you and your family.

I believe you are a strong man of Christian character and exhort you to exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit at this strategic time in the campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton.  No doubt, any reservations you have about Donald Trump are mild in relationship to the evil-doing former Secretary of State, Senator Clinton (and her wicked husband).

I am sending this to you today in Christian charity for your benefit as well as the benefit of Americans and especially the GOP at this critical hour in our nation.  You are a leader of the cause for Christ as well as the Conservative Constitutionalist Americanism cause for freedom & liberty…it would serve you and our country well for you to publicly announce your intentions concerning the points in this letter, as you have a life and destiny that will be honored by the Lord as you pursue Christ’s commandments in joyful obedience.

Sincerely in Christ our King,

Gerald Christian Nordskog

Ventura, CA

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