Now – The bad news

by Ben Gilmore

Why share bad news? In my last column I predicted a Republican sweep at all levels across the nation. I added that, unless we take advantage of the opportunity as a society, to turn back from our rebellion against, “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, the situation could become seven times worse. The good news is – It appears we will have that opportunity to turn back.

If, instead, America receives the justice we deserve rather than mercy for which we pray – How should we prepare? It seems wise to consider the worst and to prepare for it.

What might “the worst” look like? It is obvious, we have treason throughout our civil government. Treason is being supported by ignorance and apathy (“I don’t know and I don’t care”) throughout our society, both civil and religious.

Such power in the hands of government leaders is addictive. Like any other addiction, such power is not voluntarily surrendered. When challenged the addiction becomes a god. “Lie, cheat, steal,” become justified to defend an addiction. We can see the fruit in our daily news reports.

This situation is NOT anything new. Every human being is in a continual war between reason and human nature (your will and your appetite – selfishness). When individuals form a society, that society takes upon itself the corporate character of its parts.

As we – you and I – have permitted our human nature to trump our reason (chosen selfishness over what our conscience tells us is best), we have contributed to the degradation of American society. Human history shows that there will always be evil leaders around to take advantage of that degradation and enslave us (remove our “life, liberty and property”).

What then, might we expect? If such a GOP landslide is apparent, power addicts must find a way to steal it, with “voter fraud.” Should the vote be too big to steal, then they must attempt to destabilize the society with riots. That makes legitimate vote processing impossible. If that fails (I believe it would), then those in power impose martial law. In other countries we call that a “coup”.

Would martial law (suspending normal government and using military force to rule) work in America? Perhaps. We have been steadily dumbed down for decades. We have been separated from our concepts of individual God-given liberty. We have become soft, compliant, submissive as a society. Like lazy pets, we do not like being moved from our “comfort zone.”

Parenthetically – The power addicts might not have to take such actions. A crashing economy might destabilize America by “natural” causes!

What then, should the righteous do? CHOOSE not to be among the “sheeple”. You have been given life, liberty and property for a purpose – “To bring honor to your Creator”! You have an individual obligation to protect and preserve those gifts in order to fulfill that purpose.

Pray, seek God’s will for your actions, subordinate your selfish bias to His will. Consider your priorities. Should all banks be closed, e-mail and other communication be limited, transportation be curtailed – what will you do?. Prepare to care for yourself and your family, then – perhaps – your neighbors.

If the “worst” happens – stay cool! Panic and fear are not from God. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your faith!

“Liberty or death”

Either is more valuable than slavery.

Ben Gilmore has been a Korean War era era Sabre Jet pilot, Youth with a Mission evangelist, and political candidate and activist. For the last thirty years or so, Ben has actively pursued and taught America’s Christian history and government. With his dear wife Fran, accomplished scholar and writer, the Gilmores founded ACH Study Groups. These courses prepare Christians to think and act in practical, systematically Biblical, relational terms regarding our civil responsibilities. Ben also serves as media spokesman for NPI’s new title by Mary-Elaine Swanson John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty. You may contact Ben at [email protected]

This essay originally published by ACH Study Groups.

© 2012
Used by Permission

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