Lost and Found

Poem by Annette Adams

I’m in search of something missing,
   It’s been lost; it’s very scary.
I’m afraid I can’t replace it,
   It’s my old vocabulary.

“Confession” and “contrition,” words
   We often used to hear,
Like “repentance,” “sin,” and “holiness”
   Have seemed to disappear.

The words that gave life purpose,
   All God’s stabilizing truth,
Which defined our country’s calling
   Are now hidden from our youth.

The rules we used to count on
   To restrain our nation’s flaws,
Have been changed, all rearranged,
   Protecting those who break the laws.

Try to quote the Ten Commandments,
   You’ll be stopped, or laughed to scorn.
‘No matter that we’re robbed and raped
   And children die–unborn.

“Accountability” is gone,
   We’re left with its debris;
Just “put the blame on Mame,” or
   Almost anyone but me.

“Judge not that ye be not judged”
   Is now a phrase that’s really “in.”
Is this attitude of latitude
   To justify our sin?

Which, hence, presents a problem,
   Making choices as we should:
Just whose standard are we using
   As we’re choosing bad from good?

And “tolerance,” that worn out word
   Is emphasized each day.
It covers every life style known,
   Except the Christian Way.

All the world is re-defining, undermining
   Words we knew
As they’re emptied of their meaning,
   Sadly, lives are emptied, too.

But, I’ve found this truth is sound:
   His Words will never ever vary.
Though we lose, abuse, misuse them,
   They remain “God’s Dictionary.”

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