Is the Election “Rigged”?

Guest essay by George Miller

Donald Trump and some of his supporters are saying that the election is rigged? Yes, they are. But is this justified, or is it just baseless complaining, whining, even making excuses in advance for what Democrats say will be his loss?

“This election absolutely is being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD.” – 10-16-16 Tweet by Donald Trump

In a propaganda article in the 10-17-16 VC Star via USA Today, establishment “historians” and “journalists” reportedly said that such charges are “unprecedented” and that they could even undermine a new administration’s ability to govern. This very article seems to reinforce Trump’s contention of election rigging.

“Unprecedented?” Oh, really? If “rigged” talk is unprecedented, explain Democrats’ complaints about the 2000 Florida presidential election; the Republican claims of Democrats stealing the 1960 election in Illinois and Texas for Kennedy (later largely proven), or even more recent claims in the 2012 presidential and congressional elections in Florida and other states (Republicans refused to pursue it, citing a consent decree which they claimed barred them from doing so). When many precincts showed over 100% voter turnout and 98-100% voting for one candidate, that seemed “rigged.” What about the far more recent charge of rigging the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton, proven in news bulletins and finally by massive WikiLeaks “data dumps,” leading to the sacrificial resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

To quote Pat Buchanan:

In 2015, in the Democratic primaries, the big enthusiastic crowds were all for 75-year-old Socialist senator Bernie Sanders.

We now know, thanks to leaked emails, that not only the super-delegates and the Obama White House, but also collaborationist press and the DNC were colluding to deny Sanders any chance at the nomination.

The fix was in. Ask Sanders if he thinks the system is rigged.

TV “journalist” Martha Raddatz—you know, the one who so recently acted like she was on Hillary Clinton’s debating team when she was supposed to be the moderator- expressed outrage over the rigging claim too, in a recent interview with Newt Gingrich. We have included the link, below, for your entertainment. Gingrich threw it right back at her, saying that not only was the election being rigged, but it’s being done at the highest levels, not just at the polls.

Did someone say elections are “rigged” at the highest levels? How about the California “Motor Voter” bill, which greatly facilitates voting by illegal immigrants? How about multiple federal and state court rulings prohibiting checking voter ID and other common-sense safeguards? Judges said it restricts ballot access. You bet it does- and justifiably so! How about failure to check for or purge relocated and even dead voters from the rolls? How about safeguards to check for multiple voting by the same person across district, county and even state lines? Organizations such as the Election Integrity Project have uncovered thousands of alleged election law violations and filed complaints, but not much has been done about them. There is evidence that the federal government is fast tracking naturalization of refugees/immigrants likely to vote their way and that the massive immigration push is in fact partially motivated by affecting election outcomes. Some say that California presidential votes should be disallowed for all of these obvious “red flag” violations. Don’t count on that happening though.

But even bigger than these shocking irregularities is the overwhelming propagandizing by the print and electronic media, as well as by political animals, via those same media. The biggest prior election propaganda blitz in the last century, at least in the U.S., was probably during the 1964 election campaign of Lyndon B. Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater. At the time, no one could cite a more one-sided and vociferous press. We remember that campaign well. But this year’s presidential election writing and broadcasting makes that one look fairly low-key and innocent in comparison. Seriously, from the time I get up in the morning, look at print newspapers, then log on to the Internet, I am inundated, no, assaulted, with mind-boggling mostly very one-sided attacks against Donald Trump. I won’t even watch TV news anymore, since all network offerings, Fox and PBS included, seem mostly like propaganda or cartoons. Well, C-SPAN is OK, anyway.

You would think that it was Trump who lied to the FBI and the public about mishandling of classified information; illegally and unethically raised campaign and “Foundation” money (hard to tell the difference); illegally and unethically colluded in campaign activities in the primary and general elections; left Americans to die miserably and without support in a foreign land defending what may have been an illegal arms dealing operation in the Middle East; missed multiple “3 AM calls” for emergencies previously promised to be dealt with in campaign ads; compromised security via the use of private servers and staff with questionable associates; horribly mismanaged foreign relations and had a lackluster record in the US Senate; conspired to cover up spouse’s inappropriate sexual activities and punished the partners involved.

In that same video above, Gingrich remarked that TV news media spent 23 minutes one night on Trump’s 11 year old comments in a private conversation while doling out a mere minute to a far more serious offense by Clinton.  That video is just one small example of the lopsided partiality of the media which the public places too much reliance upon. The sole consolation is that alternative media have sprouted up on the Internet, talk radio and even a little TV, but don’t yet have the history and track record established to build strong credibility. There are good as well as bad ones. But on the balance, they are better than the so-called Main Stream media, which are mostly owned/controlled by only a few large companies and have mostly blown any credibility that they might have ever had.

Love or hate Donald Trump and other politicians running for office, the election should be based on an objective evaluation of candidates and their programs, and not influenced so much by unfair, unethical and even illegal manipulation. But, as a key Clinton operative said on camera in a Project Veritas undercover video, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf__r.”

So, yes, I would say that the election is rigged and that this poses very serious consequences for our republic.

Update: President Obama admonished Donald Trump Tuesday to “stop whining” about a rigged election system, calling the Republican nominee’s claim “unprecedented” and false.

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This article originally appeared in the Ventura County Citizens Journal alternative newspaper. The Citizens Journal—Real News for Ventura County—features true investigative journalism and a voice for all sides.

George Miller is Publisher and co-founder of Ventura County Citizens Journals, a Conservative/Libertarian activist in civic affairs and a “retired” management consultant, who returned to Christianity after a half century in the wilderness. He is now attempting to navigate with the twin beacons of the Bible and the Constitution, in that order. Mr. Miller lives in Oxnard with his wife/best friend of 40 years. 

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