In Memoriam—Nasser Salib Farag—May 27, 1939 to November 18, 2013

Dr. Nasser S. Farag has passed on to the glorious presence of the Lord. Dr. Farag was the English translator and contributor to the English edition of Nordskog Publishing’s title The Virgin Mary in the Light of the Word of God, a gracious Biblical apologetic and evangelistic treatment of Mary the mother of Jesus.

Dr. Farag’s family left the Egyptian Orthodox (Coptic) Church when they found salvation through Jesus Christ. Dr. Farag’s father Salib and mother Raymonda were active servants of Christ. Salib was a translator and printer of Christian materials into Arabic. He also served in a national court for Protestant believers. Raymonda, with eight children of her own, still found time and energy to open her home in hospitality to missionaries and needy fellow Christians.

Dr. Farag dedicated his life to Christ after a teenage conversion, leading to a broad and deep education and vocational Christian work, primarily with the Church of God. While in Christian service in the Gaza territory, Dr. Farag and Marilyn Schaeffer met and then married just one week before the 1967 Israeli/Arab war.

Co-Author of The Virgin Mary Dr. Labib Mikhail says of Dr. Farag, “I have come to consider…Nasser as my adopted spiritual son in the Lord. Nasser…served as a career missionary for forty years in Africa and Latin America and as a professor of missions in the U.S.”

Our publisher Jerry Nordskog wrote, in a remembrance to Marilyn Farag, Dr. Farag’s dear wife and partner, that he was our first author who from the get-go really put the personal touches in his relationship with us.  Jerry remembers how Dr. Farag first flew in “to meet me at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport to discuss The Virgin Mary over lunch at the airport Hilton Hotel, and get acquainted. That was a classy way to introduce himself and the book for consideration.”

Jerry continues, “All of us found your husband, and you too, to be most kind and gracious, patient and loving, and astute, and a wonderful example of a Christian gentleman…The Farag’s are endearing to us.” 

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