I Like Christine O’Donnell, And My Gut Tells Me She’s Right and Her Critics Wrong

by Jerry Newcombe

If I lived in Delaware (and I wish I did for only one day—November 2, 2010), I’d vote for Christine O’Donnell for senator.

Why? Because she promises to oppose the furtherance of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda. And I believe her. That alone suffices for me in this race.

With all the terrible things being said about her lately, even by establishment Republicans or “conservatives,” I’m reminded of a line from Shakespeare, “Me thinks thou dost protest too much.”
I’ve met Christine O’Donnell and even interviewed her for Christian television about a decade ago. She was even my link for me to appear four times on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, on which she appeared many times. Back in those days, she was criticized even by “conservatives” and religious people (with whom she would be in agreement on the major issues) for even going on the show. She was accused of casting her pearls before the swine. She said it was all worth it to reach people through that platform, whom she couldn’t reach otherwise. Such as the woman who was scheduled to have an abortion on Saturday, but heard Christine articulate a pro-life position on Politically Incorrect on Friday night—and cancelled the abortion and had the baby.

Christine is Christian, conservative, attractive, and articulate. Therefore, she is like a lightning rod for criticism.

Just recently, Bill Maher has even entered the debate by releasing a 1999 clip of her admitting on his show that in high school she had, regretfully, dabbled with witchcraft. Many have a checkered past. Christine readily admits hers, and for this, she gets clobbered.

The question remains: Would she vote in the senate to promote or oppose the Obama-Reid-Pelosi attempt to push our country toward more government control or less?

All the arguments that “conservative” and “establishment Republicans,” like Karl Rove, have made against her made sense—until the primary. Now that the primary is over, and she won and the RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only), Mike Castle, lost, I would think that those who favor conservative principles would rally behind her. Do they really care about a Republican victory or simply to be proven right?

Karl Rove said that she is not electable. He noted, “My job is not to be cheerleader for every Republican. It’s to call them as I see them.” Sean Hannity said to him, “This is probably one of the few times we’re going to disagree here because I met her. I’ve interviewed her a lot over the years. I found her quite impressive. More importantly, she is a solid conservative.” But Rove said, “This is not a race we’re going to be able to win.”

Rasmussen polls would agree with Karl Rove—so far. Her opponent, the so-called “bearded Marxist,” has a double digit lead over her so far. She has a negative image against her, but I think that’s partly because of all the nasty things they keep saying about her. Who knows? If Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer keep bashing Christine O’Donnell maybe it’ll get even worse.

I spoke the other day with Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, about her, and he noted: “She’s not a perfect candidate.” But he also said, “She’s a heck of a lot better than Castle would have been.” And he added, “I think she’s got a chance to win.”

Meanwhile, there is the question of her “baggage.” How valid are the complaints against her? As I understand it, here are the main charges against her and her side of the story:

  1. She’s made some “nutty” (Karl Rove’s term) comments in the past.
    I suppose “nutty” is in the eyes of the beholder. Her conservative stances on a number of moral issues may place her out of the mainstream of the media, but not necessarily the mainstream of citizens. I happen to agree with her pro-life stance, her belief in traditional marriage, in saving sex for marriage, her opposition to the occult (in which she once dabbled), etc.
  2. She allegedly defaulted on her college.
    Her response to this charge: “Americans are struggling and I understand those struggles, because I’ve also faced difficult times, but in the end, I persevered. It took me over ten years to pay off my tuition bill. As a result my diploma was delayed.”
  3. She allegedly lost her home in foreclosure.
    She says that is distorting the facts: “…my home was not foreclosed upon. My home was privately sold in 2008 through a realtor and private mortgage company, not a public foreclosure.” (Her official website, www.christine2010.com, even has a scan of the official letter proving this.)
  4. She owes money to the IRS.
    Again, her website documents prove she paid off her debt. She’s not pretending to be rich, but she is committed to fulfilling her obligations.
  5. She sued a conservative collegiate organization (ISI, Intercollegiate Studies Institute) she once worked for. This allegation bothers me the most, in that the ISI was founded by the godfather of the modern conservative movement, William F. Buckley, Jr.

Attorney Jonathan Moseley was her campaign manager in 2008, when she took on the popular Joe Biden. (No one can accuse her of not being ambitious). I sent Jonathan an email asking about this suit. He stated, “As an attorney, I wrote Christine O’Donnell’s 2005 lawsuit, while we searched for a Delaware attorney. She was illegally dismissed by her employer 24 minutes after mentioning that she had spoken to the EEOC….She had turned down a $125,000 per year job in Washington to accept that position at $65,000 per year with allowances for time to pursue a Master’s Degree and also handle private clients….It would be nice if critics actually read the suit and other documents before commenting on them.”

Christine O’Donnell has baggage…and a lot of catching up to do, but it’s not hopeless for her to win, especially when one considers the alternative—a bolstering of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda to remake Amerika.

I am not saying that character doesn’t matter. It certainly does. But there are two sides to this story, and I think the real animus against Christine O’Donnell is related to the stands she has taken more than anything else.

The real question is for Delaware voters to decide on November 2. I hope they will vote to oppose, not bolster, more government control of our lives.

Go, Christine!

Jerry Newcombe is the author of the Nordskog Publishing title The Book that Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation

Used by permission, ©2010

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