George Tiller, Randall Terry and the Appeasers for Life

(Or: Tiller Killed – Randall Terry on Trial)

By Harley David Belew

Randall Terry has a mouth on him, don’t he?

Many people wish he would shut it. Why?

Some say his “harsh rhetoric” makes their jobs harder. So, what is their job? Beats me. If their job is to convert heathens—the misguided “Pro-Choice” to Jesus — then they should go preach the Gospel.

If their objective is to save babies from abortion, then they should stop criticizing Randall Terry and start saving babies.

Is it possible that Randall Terry’s pro-life critics are more concerned with the opinion of some anti-Christian “news” organization, or some phony overnight poll than the plight of the unborn? Are they here to please man or God?

It is Big Media and the abortion industry that should be apologizing for how they covered Tiller’s death. It is they who should be chastised. It is they who should dial back the rhetoric.

What do we care about the opinions of the pseudo-intellectual rabble that control a few microphones and video cameras? When will they ever fight for what is right? When will they ever come to your aid? When will they ever show us a single one of Tiller’s victims?

The media rabble, that so many pro-life people are worried about, seem to run out of “fairness doctrine” sentiment when it comes to showing the truth about abortion. So, why in the name of God do Christians try to appease Big Media and the radical left?

The root of appeasement is fear. The fruit of appeasement is defeat.

Randall Terry may not see an end to abortion in his lifetime, but I can guarantee you he’ll go down swinging, not licking the boots of the Political Correctness Police. In these days of so-called “hate speech” and PC lunacy it takes courage to say what you think. Randall didn’t kill anybody, he commented on a murder with the unvarnished, unapologetic prose of an honest man.

The Church of Jesus Christ needs men. We have an ample quota of weak kneed wimps regurgitating warmed over pabulum and pseudo-psychology. I am so sick of the apologies I could scream.

Randall Terry stands as a man, because he stands for something. He is simply not of a disposition to moderate his words. Good for him. God bless him for having the courage of his convictions. Those babies are not moderately dead. Tiller did more than spout rhetoric.

Christians, I warn you solemnly- stop cowering and say out loud what you have dared only to think. Say it out loud while you still may. Those of you who choose to dance to the enemy’s tune – while trying to appear noble and caring – you are the one’s who should shut up and sit down. You are making Randall’s job harder. (That’s a joke; he’s not worried about your criticisms.)

Harley David Belew

Harley David Belew hosts a daily radio show in Texas and writes a weekly column for his hometown newspaper, the Hill Country Community Journal.  Used with permission.

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