For Such a Time as This! The Hall-Slater Library Re-opens

The Foundation for American Christian Education has officially re-opened the extraordinary collection of rare, select volumes handpicked by Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater, founders of Foundation for American Christian Education, over the sixty years of their research and publishing.

On September 16, 2011 in honor of United States Constitution Week, many friends and supporters of the Foundation participated, in a warm time of fellowship and food. After the grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, the attendees enjoyed their first look at the extraordinary library holdings.

The ladies realized that America needed a bulwark against the encroachment of socialism and Marxism then undermining the character of self-government in America in their generation. Hall and Slater collected from primary sources the founding principles of America’s historic liberty. Their work documents the origin of those principles in Christ His Story—the only source of true liberty. Today, though the enemy of our freedom calls itself by a new name—postmodernism and its child, radical relativism—this same bulwark is increasingly essential. The very existence of this library calls American Christians to study, learn, and teach the truths that made America and released the Gospel to the world.

The library of approximately 12,000 volumes formed the working heart of FACE in the headquarters in San Francisco until 2003. At that time, the library moved to Virginia for indefinite storage. The FACE board, led by Thomas S. Moorman and Janet Havard Mosser has resolved to sustain the Hall-Slater library for posterity.

The next day, Constitution Day, guests returned to learn the history of the U.S. Constitution from Dr. Gai Ferdon of Liberty University, the “people’s professor.” Displaying particular rare editions, Dr. Ferdon explained their role in constructing America’s Constitution.

The Hall-Slater Library will welcome visitors, offer teaching events, serve the on-going mission of FACE, and invite scholars who seek to read and research Christian History in a lovely setting. The library consists of a major reading room, a classroom, offices, a courtyard of plants of the Bible, and support facilities.

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