Father of Our Country – George Washington

George Washington is known affectionately as “The Father of Our Country” and rightly so!  According to David Barton of Wallbuilders: “Probably no individual outside of Jesus Christ had a greater impact on American life and culture.  As President Calvin Coolidge acknowledged nearly a century ago:

“Washington was the directing spirit without which there would have been no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic….. We cannot yet estimate him.  We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine Providence which kept him to serve and inspire his fellow man.”
Richard Henry Lee proclaimed after Washington’s death at the end of the 18th century: George Washington was — “First in War, First in Peace, and First in the hearts of his Countrymen.” 
Today marks George Washington’s 276th birthday.  
Dr. D. James Kennedy said of this American hero: “His character was the wonder of the world. Not even his most relentless foes of the Revolutionary War could denigrate his character. But what gave rise to such amazing character? For starters, his parents, both dedicated Christians, raised him in a godly home.  His father taught him to be unselfish, to love the truth, and to worship God.  Hids mother helped him develop his prayer life.  As an adult he carried on these good disciplines….. Washington spent his mornings and evenings reading Scripture and in prayer. Every day he maintained a consistent devotional life, seeking God’s guidance.  As Washington led our country, he never once trusted in his character to guide him; he trusted in Jesus Christ, the only perfect person who ever lived….. As good heroes do, Washington provided us a good example of a faithful Christian.”
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