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Labor Day 2012
Right Way/Wrong Way
Tony Nassif

Family Research Council Shooting

Guest Essay by Tony Nassif

The recent shooting by a man allegedly reported to have volunteered in support of homosexual efforts was thwarted by a diligent and brave staffer at the Family Research Council Headquarters. This is compounded by the allegation of another target on the list i.e. Traditional Values Coalition.

The Fuel to the Fire
So what appears to be the motivation? Hate, intolerance and violence against those who are against the homosexual lifestyle and same sex marriage.
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Tony Nassif
A Misleading Story on The Huffington Post

Guest Essay by Rick Newcombe

Years ago I gave Arianna Huffington her start as a syndicated columnist, and recently, her website got my brother (Jerry Newcombe author of The Book that Made America) condemned by quoting him out of context. That is an amazing set of facts set side by side. 

What shocked me about The Huffington Post and its treatment of my brother was its lack of professional standards. I knew it was an opinionated website, but I did not know that it would deliberately take statements out of context as a way to generate controversy. 
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John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty

Ben Gilmore Interviewed on Wallbuilders

Ben was recently interviewed on Wallbuilders Live regarding the book John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty by Mary-Elaine Swanson.
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Tea Party Talk!
Tea Party Talk!
by Senator H. L. Richardson, Ret

The author of Confrontational Politics Bill Richardson has a track record of political victory in the cause of Christian liberty. As a California State Senator or founder of political action committees, Sen. Richardson has won his political battles. With Tea Party Talk!, he provides the ammunition needed to make the rest of us successful in our political influence. This book will teach, empower and equip you to win your political discussions and, at the same time, not lose your friends. In fact, you could even convert some of them.

Paperback, 128 pages
Special election-campaign discount: Just $10
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Confrontational Politics
Confrontational Politics
by Senator H. L. Richardson, Ret

In this era of ever-growing, more distant, unresponsive government—and politicians of both parties who do not walk their talk—retired California state senator H. L. (Bill) Richardson's book is a strong tonic.

He warns, however, his words are not for the faint of heart: as Finley Peter Dunne once said, "Politics ain't beanbag."

He spells out in a series of lessons how his often hard-pressed conservative minority was able to win victory after victory on issues like the death penalty, gun control, and removing liberal judges. "The central theme of this book is the methodology both sides use. Being 'right' is not enough," he cautions.
Special election-campaign discount: Just $10
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John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty
John Locke
Philosopher of American Liberty
Book by Mary-Elaine Swanson

"The late Mary-Elaine Swanson has done such a thorough job of proving how the Christian political philosophy of John Locke so completely permeated the thinking of American colonists in the pre-Revolutionary War period, that for anyone to assert otherwise would expose to the world either his ignorance of history or a deliberate intent to defame one of the greatest thinkers of all time."
- From The American Culture Blog
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God's Ten Commandments (book)

God's Ten Commandments
Yesterday, Today and Forever

Book by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee
God gave man Ten Commandments. Every one of them is vital, in all ages. For only by observing them can man live a full life each week; maintain a happy marriage; and function well in his home, his job, and even in the world internationally.
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Featured Video: 2016 Obama's America (Documentary Movie Trailer)

Featured Video: If I wanted America to fail
2016 Obama's America takes audiences on a gripping visual journey into the heart of the world’s most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man's past will redefine America over the next four years. The film examines the question, "If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?"

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Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger DVD
Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger DVD
Coral Ridge Ministries
Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger is a critically important new documentary on the threat of socialism. With footage from Cuba and Venezuela, this fascinating DVD offers a much-needed message for our nation. It presents the biblical case against socialism and shows how socialist ideas lead to the loss of life and liberty. Experts on the program include evangelical author Chuck Colson, writer Jay Richards, and historian Joshua Muravchik.
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One Nation Under God Christian History of the American Revolution
by Verna M. Hall

From original sources, Verna Hall powerfully documents the American Biblical Christianity, culture, and love of liberty that made freedom possible. The reader will plainly see the connection between the love of God in the Scriptures and the spirit of lawful Liberty in America. Learn of the character and the wisdom required to establish and maintain liberty. This volume is indispensable to the student in comprehending his responsibility as a Christian citizen, and the standard to which we must hold our leaders to sustain our Constitutional Republic.
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Ronald Reagan"All who have ever written of government are unanimous, that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist."
— Edmund Burke 1777

iPledge Sunday
A Call to Faith, Family & Freedom—iPledge Sunday hosted by Tony Perkins

Your church can join thousands of other congregations from across the country for a special Sunday night church service that will focus on the urgent issues facing America. In 90 minutes, your church members will be informed, equipped, and challenged to advance faith, family and freedom in your local community.

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