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Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze - Columbus Before the Queen

Birth of the King R. J. Rushdoony
by  R. J. Rushdoony

The birth of a king has lost most of its meaning in our day, because the few kings remaining are mainly figureheads. In earlier days, it was, however, a momentous event. Whenever a son was born to a king, the entire kingdom celebrated with a joy our holidays today do not have.

Why was the birth of a king’s son so great an event to the poorest man of the realm, and so great a cause for rejoicing? It meant, very simply, that a protector and defender was born, someone who in the days ahead would provide the leadership, unifying force, and strength to repel all enemies, suppress criminals within the realm, and enforce justice. A kingdom without an heir to the throne had an uncertain future. Men being sinners, the kingdom would face internal and external troubles if no king reigned to enforce justice. The succession being uncertain, the kingdom would risk civil war..

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The Increase of His Government and Peace
by R. J. Rushdoony

One of the most important prophecies concerning the birth of our Lord is in Isaiah 9:6–7. Christ, eight centuries before His coming, is hailed as the “Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace,” and it is declared that “the government shall be upon his shoulder.” This is the first great declaration concerning Christ and all government: the ultimate and absolute government of all things shall belong to Christ. The second great declaration is that “[o]f the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.” Christ, coming into a sinful and rebellious world to establish His dominion as Lord and Savior, will in the face of all enmity and warfare increase His power, government, and peace.

Next, we are told exactly how this shall be done: He shall “establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever,” or, as the Berkeley Version translates it, “[I]t is firmly established and supported in justice and righteousness from now on and forever.”

Christ came into the world as the great prophet, priest, and king. As prophet, He speaks for God; as priest, He is man’s savior and advocate with the Father; as king, He rules over the world.

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by Annette Adams

We all enjoy those toys and gifts,
The Christmas trees , so bright.
We’re fond of dear old Santa’s
Bag of goodies. Such delight!

But I must ask this question
Midst this crass commercial joy:
“Whatever did become of
Our beloved Jewish Boy”?

I’m really all for happiness,
Love pleasure, like the rest,
But anything in-place-of
Always ends up second-best.

That tree will drop its needles,
And its cheer will disappear
As we pack away that “happiness”
In boxes, every year.

All that tinsel has its beauty,
But we’d better know it’s brief,
’Else that “failing fast felicity”
Is apt to turn to grief.

So, fill up Santa’s stockings,
Feast and fill those bellies tight.
But let His love fulfill you
So your joy won’t end that night.

It’s when Christmas lasts forever
That “our now” becomes sublime.
It’s the day when man first SAW HIS WORD,

(II Corinthians 5:19 “...God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.”)
Taken from the book Written with Rhyme and Reason by Annette Adams
© 2011. Used by Permission.

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Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Praise for the Columbus Day Newsletter:
How refreshing to hear someone acknowledge and honor Columbus. Because I work in a public school setting, I think it is no surprise that his name is never mentioned, except in a spirit of mocking, in the public schools.
— Gail H. (Oxnard, CA)

Christmas in November
by Christian Law Association
Christmas Display

It's Christmas in November! Why? Because now is the time to think about Christmas displays in your community for 2011. We want everyone to be aware that it is absolutely legal for the government to include a Nativity or other religious symbols of Christmas in a city holiday display that also includes secular items like snowmen, reindeer or Santa Claus. Where a city opens up a public forum area, like a park, for private displays, religious items must also be permitted. Where appropriate, a Menorah or other religious symbols may also be included.


It is unfortunate that there is so much legal misinformation being spread about matters of religion and public life in America today. For the first 200 years of our history and even during colonial history for 200 years before that, this question was more generally understood by every American. It has only been in the past few decades that certain elements of our society have attempted to drive all religious expression entirely out of the public square. That was clearly not the intention of our Founders or of those countless immigrants who have since sought religious liberty in America. Even today, our Supreme Court does not require America’s public squares to be scrubbed clean of all religious symbols, particularly during a religious holiday that is officially recognized by the United States Congress as Christmas. 

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Thanksgiving Offerings

Loving God With All Your HeartLoving God With All Your Heart
by Susie Hobson

Are you satisfied with your daily life? Do you run more on empty than full? Do you always feel like there is more out there for you? This book will take you deeper into your heart's desire for a real relationship with God, a powerful relationship that will transform your whole life! Susie Hobson reminds us that the love we all long for begins and ends with a life that is surrendered to Jesus. From her real experience she offers practical application of communing with God through His Word to inspire and encourage a closer walk, resulting in empowerment for faithful living. Susie gives a clear path to the fulfillment of the greatest desire of man's heart—God's unfailing love as the foundation for wisdom and serving God in our homes and community. This book should fill a real need among families who long for a Biblical order in the home. Loving God With All Your HeartSusie's testimony is absorbing.

    Hardback, 120 Pages
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Worship Not the CreatureWorship Not the Creature
Animal Rights and the Bible

by J Y Jones

Worship Not the Creature: Animal Rights and the Bible delivers the most forthright and engaging presentation of the Biblical view of animals in print. J. Y. Jones, long an accomplished physician, scholar, writer, outdoorsman, hunter, and man of God, is uniquely qualified to offer his cutting-edge treatment of this controversial topic. Don't let the down-to-earth, diverting and friendly style fool you. Just as America's wise Founding Fathers discovered latent tyranny in a penny tea tax, Dr. Jones powerfully exposes the radical political agenda of the contemporary animal rights movement. With careful argument, he reveals the animal rights movement as a potentially significant menace to liberty and even to Christianity itself. Adding Dr. Jones's able apologetic for the Christian faith in reasoned and transparently personal terms, one should prepare for a rich, compelling, and enjoyable read.

   Paperback, 176 pages
    Price $19.95
The Battle of LexingtonThe Battle of Lexington
A Sermon and Eyewitness Narrative
by Jonas Clark

America's War for Independence began at the little village of Lexington. It was "the shot heard 'round the world." Jonas Clark was a friend of Paul Revere and John Hancock. Hearing the cry The British are coming! the pastor of "embattled farmers" encouraged his flock to stand their ground against "blood-thirsty oppressors"—the British. As eyewitnesses to history, Clark recounts what he saw of the battle of Lexington. This book is the 1776 retelling of the fateful battle on its one-year anniversary.

     Paperback, 96 pages
     Price: $9.95
Winner of CSPA 2011 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award in the Children's (4-8 years) category!

With My Rifle by My Side: A Second Amendment Lesson

Author: Kimberly Jo Simac
Illustrator: Donna Goeddaeus

With My Rifle By My SideWith My Rifle by My Side is a story written for young children to encourage an appreciation and respect for appropriate firearm use. It is a charming children's story written in verse that reclaims American values through the perspective of a young boy. The boy enjoys sharing in the experience of hunting with his Dad and sister. He also learns about gun safety as he learns how to shoot his own rifle. After taking part in their outdoor activities, the boy's family learns about our nation's history as they visit American monuments. With My Rifle by My Side is a book with colorful illustrations and a delightful story that CSPA Awardrenews the spirit of American liberty and honor.

BINDING: Hardback, full-color cover; full-color inside; 48 pages

Price: $18.95 


The American Dream: Jamestown and the Planting of the American Christian Republic The American Dream: Jamestown and the Planting of the American Christian Republic
by Stephen McDowell and Mark Beliles

America is a unique nation in history. No nation has been as free, prosperous, charitable, and virtuous. This has nothing to do with any inherent value of the American people, but has to do with the valuable ideas upon which she was founded. Seven foundational ideas are examined that produced the American Dream, all of which are Biblical in their origin and were planted by the early settlers.

Paperback, 136 pages
Price $11.00

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