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The Law of God says, You shall not steal! This includes the statutory theft of the peoples' earned substance by governments. There are, moreover Two Laws upon which all else hangs: Love God and love your neighbor. In the Biblical worldview all things are thus relational. Biblical philanthropy, then, can only be voluntary and personal. The New American Standard Version Bible renders Isaiah 32:5: "No longer will the fool be called noble, Or the rogue be spoken of as generous (liberal)."

Now is the time for American Christians to remember our founding. Civil government cannot be generous. So called political liberals are rogues. They are demagogues masquerading as do-gooders. Well, the mask is off. I once read regarding governments' attempting philanthropy, "We have a word for that—totalitarianism." Governments' doing good with other peoples' money and without their permission is also called socialism. We thus offer these articles today for our readers' earnest consideration.

Please note that our author Jerry Newcombe is the producer of our specials this week Socialism: A Clear And Present Danger and 10 Truths About Socialism by Coral Ridge Ministries. Our publisher Jerry Nordskog considers these materials of the utmost importance for the restoration of Christian liberty in America and elsewhere. —Ed.

Jerry NewcombeComments on Socialism

By Jerry Newcombe

(From How Would Jesus Vote?, by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe © 2008, WaterBrook)

Scripture has something to say about work. Many people suppose that work is a curse to be avoided, if at all possible, and an activity to be involved in only when necessary. This is not the case. As we will see, God ordained work before the fall. Adam was commanded to tend the garden before he fell into sin; therefore, work is not part of the curse (Genesis 2:15). Even after sin, it is still true that work occupies a very important position in man's life, though it is greatly aggravated by the results of the fall and the curse (Genesis 3:17-19). Without work, it is impossible for any human being to fulfill God's purpose for his or her life.

The apostle Paul minces no words about loafers: "For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat" (2 Thessalonians 3:10). The apostle knew that man inclines toward evil, and so he will avoid all opportunities to work if he can.

This does not refer to a person who is not able to work. The Scripture has a great deal to say about caring for the lame, the blind, the sick, the infirm, the aged, and the young, but if anyone will not work, if he refuses to work, then neither let him eat.

Most people feel a twinge of guilt when they hear those words, as if they were words without compassion. May I say to you that this is the most compassionate statement on the subject of economics that has ever been uttered. Were that not to a large degree followed, wholesale famine and starvation would plague the world. So let it be proclaimed to a deaf culture that is committed to a partial form of socialism based on what one scholar calls "the politics of guilt and pity": If one will not work, neither let him eat.

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Socialism - A Clear And Present Danger, A Biblical Response

Socialism - A Clear And Present Danger, A Biblical Response

by Coral Ridge Ministries

Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger, is a critically important new documentary on the threat of socialism. With footage from Cuba and Venezuela, this fascinating DVD offers a much-needed message for our nation. It presents the biblical case against socialism and shows how socialist ideas lead to the loss of life and liberty. Experts on the program include evangelical author Chuck Colson, writer Jay Richards, and historian Joshua Muravchik.

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10 Truths About Socialism

10 Truths About Socialism

by Coral Ridge Ministries

Ten Truths About Socialism reveals the record of socialism in lives lost, freedoms taken, and economies ruined. It shows how the envy-inflamed ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, et al, are at war with the family, the church, and with God and His Word. Chapter titles include: “Socialism's Founding Fathers Rejected God,” “Envy Is the Driving Engine of Socialism,” and “Socialism Impoverishes Nations.”

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William J. MurrayA short time before the passage of what is now known as Obama Care, I was one of a few people at a private lunch with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN), one of the premiere conservatives in the House. She is pro-life and pro-family, as well as fiscally conservative. She has a firm understanding of how the current entitlement culture is destroying not only the financial foundations, but the social foundations of our nation. During the lunch Congresswoman Bachmann asked me what might seem an odd question to some, unless they knew that I had myself been raised in an atheistic, Marxist home in the 1960's. She wanted to know why liberals can maintain such an attitude of superiority even when their concepts have been proven wrong so often and have led to such disasters.

I responded to Michele that the liberal mind functions according to "magic thought" which allows them to believe that their very opinions prove they have "evolved" further than other humans. Ultimately, I told her, they believe they are so intellectually superior that they have the ability to create a utopian existence for all humanity. I gave her as proof, the fact that liberals often refer to those who disagree with them as "Neanderthals." They actually believe their minds are further advanced. And they sell their ideas with great success to the young, the poor and the uneducated, who are promised they can be part of an intellectually and morally superior movement while also feeling entitled to be taken care of.

My conversation with Michele Bachmann on the subject ended there, but it made me think about where the concept of utopian society comes from. Utopian ideas go back at least as far as Plato's Republic in which Socrates described a form of government called "timocracy" in which politically disinterested, honorable, wise men would govern society justly. Unlike modern utopians, Socrates understood fallen human nature. He said timocracy, even if attainable, leads inevitably to a state of oligarchy, which is eventually overthrown by a democracy. Lastly, in the democratic state the people themselves become drunk with their own power and entitlements, and society ultimately collapses into a tyranny.

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"Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." – John Adams.

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