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Compromise of 1850

Confrontational Politics

Confrontational Politics
by Sen. H.L. Richardson, Retired

What's the matter with the Republicans? Gun Owners of America founder and chairman Richardson answers that question in Confrontational Politics. During 22 years of legislative experience, Sen. Richardson found that the only thing that got things done was confrontation. Democrats typically understand confrontation, like it and use it. Conversely, Conservatives do not understand confrontation, don't like it and flee from it. Many who have already read the book have reported that "Now I understand why Conservatives keep losing." Readers of Confrontational Politics will also learn about the lobbying philosophy that has earned GOA's reputation as the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.

"Dear Bill: Your contributions to the State of California through the sixteen years you've served in the state are immeasurable. I know how much I counted on you when I was Governor."
—Ronald Reagan, March 1983

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H.L. Richardson

The Liberal’s Compromise:
I win, You Lose...Then You Lose Some More....

Chapter 3, from the book Confrontational Politics: How to Practice the Politics of Principle
by Sen. H.L. Richardson, Retired

What occurs when these contradictory ideologies come into contact with one another, when those believing in traditional American concepts of limited government are assaulted by some new socialist program advanced by the Liberals? Traditionalists, attempting to preserve the status quo, invariably react negatively, predictably. Humanists act - offering programs of socialized revision, expect disruptive change, in fact, look forward to reaction.

It's important to know how each side views the confrontation – as a positive or a negative? Who gains, who loses? Traditional Americans dislike conflict and withdraw from it as a matter of habit and training. On the other hand, the humanist looks upon confrontation as a necessity, a positive ingredient in advancing humanistic programs. They expect confrontation, plan for it and anticipate the predictable, negative reaction from their opposition, often using the reaction to further promote their cause. Conflict, therefore, is expected, welcomed, analyzed and then used to advance their goals.

Momentum is obviously on the side of the aggressors since they have the tactical advantage of initiating the attack. Before their intended opposition even knows a clash will occur, they've had the opportunity to plan strategy, organize support, select the field of battle, choose the appropriate time to launch the new program and frame the issue in such a manner as to put their program in the best light. (More on framing the issue in the next chapter.) They know opposition will be forthcoming, since their plans are usually expensive, assaultive to the constitution and enlarge the bureaucracy, all three an anathema to the traditionalist.

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Truth Standing On Its Head

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Insight for an Extraordinary Christian Walk from
The Sermon on the Mount

by John N. Day
“John Day’s book, Truth Standing on Its Head, is a very provocative study of Our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. The exposition of the Beatitudes and the exhortation based on them is very arresting: it grabs us and demands our attention. The rest of the book continues with the same energy and thrust. The break with previous tradition, and with our own comfortable presuppositions, is rather merciless, but the uncompromising exposition of the new ethic ultimately drives us to the Cross, where our own failings can be exchanged for the righteousness of Christ.”

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Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy

Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy
by Pastor David R. Brown

This impartation of the author’s love for the works of the greatest playwright in history opens up new vistas to Shakespeare. For reading in the family circle or for teachers and their classes, this captivating book reflects the author’s living experience. He helps the reader begin with a strong positive attitude and provides encouragement to deeper study. The student who values the truth will put aside all attempts to read into his plays some conceptual material that Shakespeare never intended. For those who want to venture into performance, this book opens the door. The rich Appendix includes “Records of the Life of Shakespeare", Shakespeare’s Will and Epitaph, and illustration.

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