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     Where Are We Going?

We the People

These are obviously troubled times. The two feature articles in this edition of the Nordskog Publishing Newsletter—"The Homeless of the 21st Century" and "Where Are We Going?"—are poignant reminders that we Christians need to re-think our views of the Christian life. We Americans have come to take so much for granted.

NPI believes there are two, related, underlying causes for our present trouble. In a secondary sense, the problem is massive, bloated, bureaucratic and socialistic civil government, swallowing up the substance of the American people, while creating an ever-increasing dependency on government, and a sense of entitlement.

Liberty and prosperity are necessary to the free exercise of the Great Commission. Prosperity is needed to capitalize the Gospel work. This needed capitalization is both monetary and with regard to time. Difficult economic times swallow both money and time, leaving less and less ability for Americans tangibly to serve God.

Liberty is needed because Christian work requires the ability to make discretionary decisions. If the tyrants control our actions, we do not serve God to our potential.

Liberty and prosperity are essential, then, for the greatest fulfillment of the Great Commission. Yet, merely to target civil government as the cause of our trouble ignores Christian culpability. America’s Founding Fathers recognized that our self-governing dominion could only survive with the active stewardship of its best people. Its best people are those formed by the work of Christ in the regenerate heart. However, the cultural isolation formed of the now vastly mainstream form of Christianity known as Pietism now dominates the church. Because, we have reasoned, our portion is in heaven, we have for many, many years withdrawn from public life. We have withdrawn the powerful abilities God has given us to bless our neighbors. We no longer self-consciously stir up and use our gifts on Biblical terms to be salt and light. When we the godly leave a spiritual vacuum in the culture, the ungodly are all too willing to fill it up. If the ungodly rule, the people groan.

Therefore, in reading our two feature articles in this issue of the Nordskog Publishing Newsletter, please let us each consider how we might become better equipped and better exercised toward the real solutions to the problems of homelessness and of losing our children to godless education. —ed.

The Homeless of the 21st Century

Connie Lemacks-Davis by Connie Lemacks-Davis 
It was a lovely summer evening and stretched across the sky an array of pastel colors lingered from a beautiful sunset. As we drove down a busy street in the usual heavy traffic, we stopped for a red light and happened to glance across the street. There she was – the same little gray-haired, wrinkled faced woman that we had seen many times, pushing an old rusty grocery cart filled high with crumpled clothing hanging over the side, plastic bags of food and other gems that she had found in garbage containers along the way. Although it was warm, she wore layers of soiled clothing and a scruffy hat too small for her head. Appearing to be very tired and weary, she slowly crossed the street trying to manage her heavy load. Finally, approaching the other side she struggled to push her cart of treasure over the curb.

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Where Are We Going?

Dan Smithwickby Dan Smithwick
President, Nehemiah Institute

n 1986, our ministry developed a unique biblical worldview assessment tool called the PEERS Test. The assessment was designed to reflect an individual's basic 'worldview position' in five key areas of life: Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues (P-E-E-R-S). Using a scale of +100 to -100, results of the 70-item test ranked the individual into one of four worldview categories- Biblical Theism (70-100), Moderate Christian (30-69), Secular Humanism (0-29) and Socialism (scores less than 0). The PEERS test has been through several forms of validity measurements, most significantly a professionally conducted Validity & Reliability study performed in 1995. In all cases, the PEERS Test has received high marks as a valid instrument for the measurement of 'worldview' understanding. 

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He warns, however, his words are not for the faint of heart: as Finley Peter Dunne once said, "Politics ain't beanbag."

He spells out in a series of lessons how his often hard-pressed conservative minority was able to win victory after victory on issues like the death penalty, gun control, and removing liberal judges. "The central theme of this book is the methodology both sides use. Being 'right' is not enough," he cautions.

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How can the meek inherit the earth? How are the persecuted blessed? While these are not things that we naturally associate with happiness, this is Jesus' startling opposite-from-the-world way of bringing us into the most blessed and happy life— an extraordinary Christian walk.
"This provocative break with our own comfortable presuppositions ultimately drives us to the Cross where our own fail- ings can be exchanged for the righteous- ness of Christ."

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From Terror to Triumph From Terror to Triumph
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This captivating 12-part video series documents what historical revisionists have been trying to hide: that God rules in the affairs of men. Join Dr. Marshall Foster for a whirlwind tour through history - from the ancient world right up to modern days and beyond. Learn the whole story of important historical events as well as discovering some little known side streets. Viewers will gain a new appreciation for the divine providence of our sovereign God as Dr. Foster points out the divine mile markers along the way. God hasn't appointed His people to failure, but to victory! Fantastic for family, church, group and individual study.

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• How religious castaways throughout history have taken third world cultures to the heights of civilization.
• The strategy for building a prosperous and free society with your children and your wife. 
• How to uncover the secrets of winning against terror at all odds. 
• How terror and evil always backfire on the agents of evil. 
• How to develop a biblical and historical confidence to restore every institution and see America become a "city on a hill" again.

6 DVD Set, with study guide
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