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     A Mother's Influence

Resurrection Means Victory

Neil McKinlay Consider and Ponder in the
American Christian Home

by Verna M. Hall

Who should teach and learn America’s Christian history? In America, Christian homes played a major role in teaching the love of Christ and the Hand of God in our American history. Since the educational goal of the American Christian home in a republic is to build the foundation of American Christian character, is it surprising that patriotic mothers contributed to the nation’s independence? “Patriotic mothers nursed the infancy of freedom. Their counsels and their prayers mingled with the deliberations that resulted in a nation’s assertion of its independence. They animated the courage, and confirmed the self-devotion of those who ventured all in the common cause.”

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Kimberly Jo Simac, author of With My Rifle By My Side, throws her hat into the ring in the Wisconsin race for Senator. Read on»

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Kim Simac, Author of With My Rifle By My Side Interview On Fox NewsVideo: From Mason to Minister

The hBattle of LexingtonA Mother's Influence: Lesson XVII, McGuffey's Eclectic Fourth Reader
"My mother began my education very early; I was her only child, and she a widow; you may easily imagine, therefore, how eager she must have been for my improvement. She tried every means that love, faith, and patience could suggest, to instruct me in my lessons and my duties. In the latter she was not disappointed. I may say, without boasting, that I was an obedient boy, for I loved my mother so well, that it was a pleasure to do her bidding..."

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The hBattle of LexingtonRegarding the Widow Mary Washington, Mother of George Washington
by Verna M. Hall

"Tradition gives an interesting picture of the widow, with her little flock gathered round her, as was her daily wont, reading to them lessons of religion and morality out of some standard work. Her favorite volume was Sir Matthew Hale’s* Contemplations, Moral and Divine. The admirable maxims therein contained, for outward action as well as self-government, sank deep into the mind of George, and, doubtless, had a great influence in forming his character. They certainly were exemplified in his conduct throughout life. This mother’s manual, bearing his mother’s name, Mary Washington, written with her own hand, was ever preserved by him with filial care, and may still be seen in the archives of Mount Vernon. A precious document! Let those who wish to know the moral foundation of his character consult its pages." 1

  1. Hall, Verna M.: George Washington : The Character and Influence of One Man. San Francisco : Foundation for American Christian Education, 2000, S. 19

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Winner of CSPA 2011 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award in the Children's (4-8 years) category!

With My Rifle by My Side: A Second Amendment Lesson
Author: Kimberly Jo Simac
Illustrator: Donna Goeddaeus

With My Rifle By My SideWith My Rifle by My Side is a story written for young children to encourage an appreciation and respect for appropriate firearm use. It is a charming children's story written in verse that reclaims American values through the perspective of a young boy. The boy enjoys sharing in the experience of hunting with his Dad and sister. He also learns about gun safety as he learns how to shoot his own rifle. After taking part in their outdoor activities, the boy's family learns about our nation's history as they visit American monuments. With My Rifle by My Side is a book with colorful illustrations and a delightful story that CSPA Awardrenews the spirit of American liberty and honor.

Hardback, full-color cover; full-color inside; 48 pages

Price: $18.95 

Loving God With All Your HeartLoving God With All Your Heart
by Susie Hobson

Are you satisfied with your daily life? Do you run more on empty than full? Do you always feel like there is more out there for you? This book will take you deeper into your heart's desire for a real relationship with God, a powerful relationship that will transform your whole life! Susie Hobson reminds us that the love we all long for begins and ends with a life that is surrendered to Jesus. From her real experience she offers practical application of communing with God through His Word to inspire and encourage a closer walk, resulting in empowerment for faithful living. Susie gives a clear path to the fulfillment of the greatest desire of man's heart—God's unfailing love as the foundation for wisdom and serving God in our homes and community. This book should fill a real need among families who long for a Biblical order in the home. Susie's testimony is absorbing.

    Hardback, 120 Pages
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In the Aerie of the WolfNew! In the Aerie of the Wolf
by Leonora Pruner 

Another intriguing and uplifting novel from the author of Close to His Heart, Leonora Pruner has a gift for storytelling and creating compelling characters. Set in 18th century England, our heroine Anne is betrothed to a man she's never met and must leave behind her girlhood fantasies. When she arrives at the home of Lord Wolverton, Master of the Wolf's Aerie, the mysteries and challenges of her new life cause her to seek Biblical wisdom and guidance concerning honor, integrity, and faithfulness. In this story of the discovery of true love, there is also danger, betrayal, and sword fighting—and it all takes place in a castle complete with secret passageways. Become lost in another time and place. You will not want to put this book down.

   Close To His Heart Paperback, 368 Pages
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Freedom's FrameFreedom's Frame
by Rick Green

Self-Evident Truths, Endowed by Our Creator; Consent of the Governed; the Pursuit of Happiness

"An absolute must read for any Christian concerned about the future for America." —Zig Ziglar

"Rick's message is a call for us to recognize the rights and responsibilities we have been given, and to ensure that the torch of freedom will be passed on to the generation to come." —Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas

"Freedom's Frame will inspire and equip you with a working knowledge of the principles that made our nation great." —David Barton

"Some books inform, some inspire, but Freedom's Frame will go way beyond that and bring revolution to your life. Every American should read this book." —Paul E. Tsika

     Paperback, 255 pages
     Price: $18.00

Our American StoryOur American Story
by Rick & Kara Green

Rick, Kara, Trey, Reagan, Kamryn and Rhett Green share a glimpse into their life as they have traveled this great Nation as a family, speaking on the importance of citizen involvement in preserving and passing on the torch of freedom to future generations.

They also share their experiences of running political campaigns, Rick's service in the Texas House of Representatives, Rick coaching the boys in baseball tournaments, and the family's goal of visiting every Presidential Library and, of course, every Major League Baseball Park!

    Paperback, 255 pages
    Price: $18.00

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