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Don't cry for Me
Please click the above image to view this profound cartoon, produced in 1948 but surprisingly relevant for today's political/economic discussion.

Terry PaulsonThe Very Oldest Calvinism

by Rev. Prof. Dr. Nigel Lee

In his Institutes I:14:1 to II:1:7, Calvin remarks: "It is of importance to attend to the history of creation.... God, by the power of His Word and His Spirit, created the Heavens and the Earth out of nothing.... Thereafter, He produced things inanimate and animate of every kind..., giving each kind its proper nature.... As all things were liable to corruption, (God was) providing for the perpetuation of each single species...(by)...bestowing...a power of continuing their race -- so preventing it from perishing at their own death....

"At length, man was made — man, by the beauty of his person and his many noble endowments, the most glorious specimen of the works of God.... The Lord Himself, by the very order of creation, has demonstrated that He created all things for the sake of man.... 

"The many noble faculties with which the human mind is endued, proclaim that...they are so many evidences of an immortal essence.... Such sense as the lower animals possess, goes not beyond the body.... But the swiftness with which the human mind glances from Heaven to Earth, scans the secrets of nature -- and, after it has embraced all ages with intellect and memory, digests each in its proper order and reads the future in the past.... The image of God extends to everything in which the nature of man surpasses that of all other species of animals.... 

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"A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government." —Thomas Jefferson

(from the First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801)

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Tea Party: The DocumentaryTea Party: The Documentary Film

Nothing tells the true story of the Tea Party movement better than the Tea Party Movie! Cheered by audiences at CPAC, at the Tea Party Convention and screening parties nationwide, this inspirational and powerful story explains core principals, and gets to heart of why "We The People" are taking our country back!

DVD, 100 min
Price $19.95
Special Discount Price: $17.95

The Book that Made AmericaTHE BOOK THAT MADE AMERICA
How the Bible Formed Our Nation
by Jerry Newcombe

Now Available, The Book that Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation comprehensively documents, with joy, America’s deep roots in the Bible of the Christian faith. From our first civil compacts and the New England Primer textbook, to the declaration of every state constitution and the declaration of the United States Supreme Court’s Trinity decision of 1892, America cries out that its traditions have resulted from an abiding faith in the God of the Holy Bible.

"I recommend Dr. Newcombe’s book highly!"
— Ann Coulter, New York Times #1 Author

"Jerry Newcombe quickly cuts through the fog of agenda-driven rhetoric to give a brilliant and unbiased examination of what made America unique among the nations of the world".
— William J. Federer, Author and Speaker

"[This great book]...portrays the power of Scripture that transformed the American wilderness into the world's first Christian constitutional republic."
— Marshall Foster, Author, The American Covenant

    Price $18.95

Another World


Another World
by Phillip Stott

An action-filled novel that combines Biblical and scientific themes with heart-racing adventure.

Traveling by mag-sled, Japh overnights in a bronto-infested floating forest. A scream in the night, a sudden devastating crash, and flight becomes the only option, beginning a stunning chain of events which will change not only his life, but the entire course of history.

Now, at every turn, evil has overtaken the earth. The consequences of unbridled deceit, immorality, murder, and mayhem leave the few decent people left in the world in a dire condition with imminent peril the only constant. As the heavens threaten and the earth trembles under tribulation, its very existence remains in question. And will humanity survive?

“May all who read this account of the first world’s terrifying ruin by flood be driven to seek refuge from the judgment that is yet to come by fire.” 
– Barry Beukema, OntarioNoble Novels

    Paperback, 284 pages
    Price $13.95

Media Revolution Media Revolution: A Battleplan to Defeat Mass Deception in America
by Brian Fisher

We've been lied to. We've been lied to for more than fifty years by a powerful and pervasive media presence whose effects and influence we rarely question. These lies taint our thoughts and muddy our worldview so that often we cannot see the truth. This is the claim Brian Fisher, President and CEO of Coral Ridge Ministries makes in his book, Media Revolution. But there is hope. Although the "media of mass deception" has been negatively influencing culture for more than five decades, it is now losing its monolithic grip on the flow of information in America. Technology has opened up the world of media influence in a historically pivotal way. The democratization of media now gives anyone who desires the opportunity to share truth with those captivated by lies and deception. The time of secular media domination has ended. The "media revolution" has begun!
Hardback, 202 pages

     Price $20.00

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