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The Book that Made AmericaTHE BOOK THAT MADE AMERICA
How the Bible Formed Our Nation
by Jerry Newcombe

Now Available, The Book that Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation comprehensively documents, with joy, America’s deep roots in the Bible of the Christian faith. From our first civil compacts and the New England Primer textbook, to the declaration of every state constitution and the declaration of the United States Supreme Court’s Trinity decision of 1892, America cries out that its traditions have resulted from an abiding faith in the God of the Holy Bible.
Declaration of IndependenceHear Jerry Newcombe's Video introduction to this new book.

"I recommend Dr. Newcombe’s book highly!"
— Ann Coulter, New York Times #1 Author

"Jerry Newcombe quickly cuts through the fog of agenda-driven rhetoric to give a brilliant and unbiased examination of what made America unique among the nations of the world".
— William J. Federer, Author and Speaker

"[This great book]...portrays the power of Scripture that transformed the American wilderness into the world's first Christian constitutional republic."
— Marshall Foster, Author, The American Covenant

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Martin G. SelbredeEconomics, Justice, and Preaching

by Martin G. Selbrede

In his Systematic Theology, R. J. Rushdoony sets forth a crucial insight concerning economics that is often missed:

A man, when free from the corruption of modern humanism, will work in terms of God’s calling, and, under God, for his family, for the personal realization of his abilities, and more. These are essentially non-economic motives. Economies self-destruct when their motivating forces become essentially economic.

Our nation’s economy, like that of many other nations, has long been motivated by essentially economic forces. The architects of modern economic policy revel in the manipulation of such forces. Such manipulation always entails a dance near the edge of self-destruction, as our economists’ mumbling about maintaining a knife-edge balance between conflicting forces cannot help but underscore.

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Fiat EmpireFiat Empire DVD
Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
a Documentary Film

Most citizens aren't aware that every dollar that comes into existence does so as a dollar of debt because the entire money supply of the United States is no longer backed by gold or silver as required by the Constitution, but DEBT. Watch this award-winning film to find out why some feel the Federal Reserve's practices of facilitating fiat money are a violation of the U.S. Constitution and others feel it's simply "a bunch of organized crooks." Find out what fiat money and fractional reserve banking are and why the mainstream media has strict orders to NEVER discuss the mechanics of the banking system — unless they are prepared to lose their special privileges.

FIAT EMPIRE by Matrixx Entertainment is inspired by The Creature from Jekyll Island, a book by well-known author and FREEDOM FORCE founder, G. Edward Griffin. This DVD features congressman Ron Paul, foremost authority on the U.S. Constitution Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D., and Dr. Theodore Baehr (founder of MOVIEGUIDE® and Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission). public discourse.

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by J.Y. Jones

This newly published title delivers the most forthright and engaging presentation of the Biblical view of animals in print. J. Y. Jones, long an accomplished physician, scholar, writer, outdoorsman, hunter, and man of God, is uniquely qualified to offer his cutting-edge treatment of this controversial topic. Don't let the down-to-earth, diverting and friendly style fool you. Just as America’s wise Founding Fathers discovered latent tyranny in a penny tea tax, Dr. Jones powerfully exposes the radical political agenda of the contemporary animal rights movement.

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