Saturday April 19th is the anniversary of "the shot heard ‘round the world". Have you ever wondered who fired the shot that fateful morning of April 19, 1775? Who were those brave men who stood against the best-trained army in the world? Nordskog Publishing presents Jonas Clark's Sermon on the one-year anniversary and his eyewitness narrative of those events. None other but Jonas Clark could give such an accounting, for he was the pastor of those "embattled farmers" who stood their ground. Clark is herein giving an honest and accurate accounting of the Battle of Lexington. He is also giving testimony of the events of April 19 and answers the great question, "Who fired the first shot?"

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The Fear of GodAs Ben Stein's EXPELLED opens in theaters this Friday, April 18, it has become the most controversial film of 2008… Do not miss this powerful and provocative movie! Check HERE to see where EXPELLED is playing near you.

Ben Stein’s EXPELLED has struck a cultural NERVE as it exposes a modern day witch hunt in which scientists, educators and students are being persecuted because they dare to question Darwinism and argue that life may be the result of "intelligent design".

As Ben takes on the world's leading atheists, and their global agenda, the hilarious but sobering results make us realize, “It’s time to get involved!” Visit the website.