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What does Nordskog Publishing have in common with C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald,
and G.K. Chesterton?

The Battle of Lexington
On the 235th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington

Christian Clingmanby Christian L. Clingman

On this day, the morn of April 17, 1775, dating 235 years ago, a militia made up of independent Americans met a battalion of British soldiers. The American militia was made up of no more than 70 men, while the British battalion was made up of 1200 to 1500. The Americans were outnumbered 20 or 25 to 1. General Gage had sent the British battalion to Concord, Massachusetts from Boston, the day before, resolving to destroy the military stores supporting American troops there. These troops were to land at a place called Lechmere’s Point. To carry this pivotal invasion, they had to leave under cover of night in boats. But their coming was not unknown.

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Did you download our free eBook titled The Battle of Lexington? If not, you may do so here. You are welcome to forward this email to a friend with the link in the upper right-hand corner so they also may receive The Battle of Lexington. This book is a historical document written by Jonas Clark (1776), the pastor of the congregation at Lexington. He writes from firsthand experience. Exciting and inspirational – you will also learn something about how our early American ancestors responded to the reality of tyranny – not a bad lesson for today!

What does Nordskog Publishing have in common with C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and G.K. Chesterton?

Answer: Novels!

“Whatsoever things are . . . noble, . . . Think on these things.”

We believe godly novels are an excellent way to expand the imagination, lift the heart to God in prayer and move the mind toward greater dedication, consecration and hope. We are reminded of godly writers of the past who used novels to sound forth God’s truth and move men’s hearts toward God and godly action. These men whose names you probably know continue to reap fruit from their novel writings – C.S. Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia and The Space Trilogy; G.K. Chesterton comes to mind, and don't forget George MacDonald and his wonderful story of The Day Boy and the Night Girl? If you haven’t read that, O boy! It is marvelous! You can even get it as an audio book from Other Christian novelists probably come to your mind. The point is, it does not take eagle eyes to see, nor the proverbial owl’s wisdom to understand, that godly novel has done, is doing, and will do much good!

 Yes, Nordskog Publishing is in good company, and we are proud to announce that our three newest titles are godly novels!

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Another World


Another World
by Phillip Stott

An action-filled novel that combines Biblical and scientific themes with heart-racing adventure.

Traveling by mag-sled, Japh overnights in a bronto-infested floating forest. A scream in the night, a sudden devastating crash, and flight becomes the only option, beginning a stunning chain of events which will change not only his life, but the entire course of history.

Now, at every turn, evil has overtaken the earth. The consequences of unbridled deceit, immorality, murder, and mayhem leave the few decent people left in the world in a dire condition with imminent peril the only constant. As the heavens threaten and the earth trembles under tribulation, its very existence remains in question. And will humanity survive?

“May all who read this account of the first world’s terrifying ruin by flood be driven to seek refuge from the judgment that is yet to come by fire.” 
– Barry Beukema, Ontario

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    Paperback, 284 pages
    Discount Price $12.95

Jungle Sunrise


by Jonathan Williams

A unique and captivating novel by a member of the Xtreme Team, who risk their lives and endure unthinkable physical deprivation while assisting native people in the most remote areas of the world. This novel has been written out of the rich background of that experience. It is evident the author has been there!

He unlocks the secret of how to begin life anew, as the book's central character moves from a depressing, directionless life to a rewarding and incomparable adventure, discovering the ultimate meaning in life through trials and tragedy. One warning: do not start reading until you have some time because you won’t put it down.

Endorsed by Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jerry Rankin, President, International Mission Board, SBC. 

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   Paperback, 230 pages
   Discount Price $12.50

Close to His Heart


by Leonora Pruner

"Pruner’s third novel is a superbly researched historical romance set in eighteenth century England, and a profound study of true love. Jane Austen fans who have wondered what Kitty Bennett’s life might have been like if she had had a grain of good sense and had fallen into the hands of an honourable man will love this story.”  
– Donna F. Crow, Author

   Paperback, 386 pages

    Discount Price $12.50

West OverseaWest Oversea: A Norse Saga of Mystery, Adventure, and Faith
by Lars Walker

Lars Walker’s third novel about the Vikings begins in the year 1001. King Olaf Trygvesson is dead, but his sister’s husband, Erling Skjalgsson, carries on his dream of a Christian Norway that preserves its traditional freedoms. Rather than do a dishonorable deed, Erling relinquishes his power and lands. He and his household board ships and sail west to find a new life with Leif Eriksson in Greenland. This voyage, though, will be longer and more dangerous than they ever imagined. It will take them to an unexplored country few Europeans had seen. Demonic forces will pursue them, but the greatest danger of all may be in a dark secret carried by Father Aillil, Erling’s Irish priest.

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    Paperback, 294 pages
    Discount Price $12.95

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