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St. Patrick

St. Patrick
was a great pioneer of the faith. After being kidnapped and made a slave in the A.D. 300s, the young Patrick converted to Christianity and upon the long established Christianity of England prepare for ministry. Through fearless courage and dependence upon Christ, Patrick successfully evangelized Ireland. Upon the same ground and in a similar fashion, intrepid pioneers of the Christian faith colonized the East Coast of America in the early 17th Century. The influence of the Christian faith through these first settlers and those who followed created the first Christian constitutional republic and the freest, most prosperous and most generous nation known to man. Today the very existence of historic America, upon its Christian roots, is at risk. In days, a completely foreign political order may be imposed on the United States in the form of what has come to be known as Obama-care. It is a seed of absolute tyranny. Therefore, on this remembrance of the great St. Patrick, we offer timely articles, one on the need to renew America’s commitment to the protection of life, and the other on the tyranny of public debt. Lastly, we hope our readers will enjoy the videos produced by Plymouth Rock Foundation, and a second video by Judge Andrew Napolitano on American rights, via the links you will find on this page. It is a critical moment. Let us pray for deliverance and appropriate the godly courage of St. Patrick, America’s Christian pioneers, and the many who have given their lives for Christ and Christian liberty.—ed.

Kill the Diagnosis, Not the Patient

Robby Schindlerby Bobby Schindler

With all of the current debate in the United States over the federal government sanctioning the healthcare delivery system, people seem to have firmly chosen sides – based on their political leanings and not necessarily the actual content of the bill, HR 3200.

In a nation that espouses a profound reverence for the lives and wellness of its citizenry, it is of no argument that our system of healthcare delivery fails many patients and that insurance companies and health maintenance organizations have long dodged the bullet of responsibility when they’ve rationed care or denied coverage for certain types of treatments and therapies. It is apparently rampant when such treatments and therapies are requirements of living for our more vulnerable citizens. And, now, the government wants in.

Though our current system is in serious need of repair, many fear that a federally-sanctioned system could open the doors for government bureaucrats to make decisions in life and death for patients whose diagnoses are less than promising. This becomes most alarming when certain diagnoses can equal a death sentence for someone who is helpless to save themselves.

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Leaving the Tab for the Kids

Robby Schindlerby Terry Paulson

It took nearly 150 years for Congress to pass a resolution apologizing for slavery. We should apologize now to future generations for what we’ve done and are doing to America. Though our generation’s motivation was compassionate, we’re leaving America worse. 

They called the World War II generation "The Greatest Generation." They survived the Great Depression by becoming resourceful and forging strong bonds of family and community. Thousands died fighting tyranny and securing liberty for others. Workers had no 401Ks and no paid health insurance. Citizens took pride in personal achievement, treasured their faith, families and freedom. They were good parents, balancing a healthy dose of discipline with loving support. They didn’t brag about what they did; they just got busy taking responsibility for their own lives. They wanted a government that would leave them alone, not take care of their every need. 

Their offspring wanted their children to want for nothing. Supported by Dr. Spock, many parents stopped the lectures and disciplined less, shielded their children from failures and poured on affirmations to boost their "fragile" self-esteem. They allowed religion to be taken out of schools. By failing to teach strong values, too many parents left their children’s values development to television and Hollywood. They wanted only peace, not war. But it didn’t stop there. 

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Video Feature

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Also: Dr. Paul Jehle takes on the issue of national healthcare reform from a Biblical and Constitutional prespective»

Confrontational Politics St. Patrick
by William J. Federer

The Real Story of His Amazing Life from Tragedy to Triumph. Kidnapped as a boy, Patrick was a slave for six years in Ireland. After a miraculous escape, he was called back by a dream and founded 300 churches, baptized 120,000 believers! 

   Paperback, 108 pages

    Price $15.00


Confrontational Politics JUNGLE SUNRISE
by Jonathan Williams

A unique and captivating novel by a member of the Xtreme Team, who risk their lives and endure unthinkable physical deprivation while assisting native people in the most remote areas of the world. This novel has been written out of the rich background of that experience. It is evident the author has been there!

He unlocks the secret of how to begin life anew, as the book's central character moves from a depressing, directionless life to a rewarding and incomparable adventure, discovering the ultimate meaning in life through trials and tragedy. One warning: do not start reading until you have some time because you won’t put it down.

Endorsed by Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jerry Rankin, President, International Mission Board, SBC. 

   Paperback, 230 pages

    Price $12.50

Close to His Heart CLOSE TO HIS HEART
by Leonora Pruner

"Pruner’s third novel is a superbly researched historical romance set in eighteenth century England, and a profound study of true love. Jane Austen fans who have wondered what Kitty Bennett’s life might have been like if she had had a grain of good sense and had fallen into the hands of an honourable man will love this story.”  
– Donna F. Crow, Author

   Paperback, 386 pages

    Price $13.95

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